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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Timbers 2-0 Oregon State

Expert coverage as always here and here and here.

The tl didn't make to the game, but in response to a couple of comments:

Sergio Iñiguez hobbled off the field close to the end of Wednesday's practice session at PGE Park so it's a probability that he was still injured for this scrimmage.

Talking to Tom Poltl on Wednesday, he certainly saw his role as being more on the defensive side and noted Alejandro Gutierrez' creativity in midfield suiting him to a more forward/MF role.

As always Bob K has the indepth analysis.

posted by the timberlog at 4:51 PM

Friday, April 28, 2006

Particle Physicals

In today's Tribune (and this week I learned that this kind of small, almost-not-there-at-all piece that the Trib likes to run on the Timbers is known as a "particle" in the biz) the team's current injuries are duly noted. Josh Brown (who sat (stood) out the practice that I watched on Wednesday) has a knee injury and is doubtful for next weekend's games. On Byron Alvarez (who did play, but had his knee in ice immediatley after the team's practice session) coach Agnello had this to say in the Trib:

"We hope he can play. It's two issues: fitness, and he has to show he can perform on the field and beat somebody out, which I have confidence he can do,"

posted by the timberlog at 8:33 AM

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Timbers Announce Coventry City Exhibition

The official word from the Portland Timbers announcing the Sat July 8th game against Coventry City came today.

from the press release:

"Coventry is a tremendous test for our squad," said Chris Agnello, head coach and general manager of the Timbers. "They have a great history in this game, a great coach in Mick Adams, and I look forward to hosting them in July."

posted by the timberlog at 4:15 PM

More Soccer on YouTube

If you're looking for more great goals (like the Romario one I posted down there), classic own-goals and crippling fouls then this'll be your thread.

posted by the timberlog at 10:05 AM

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Timbers fan, Finnegan's tale of attending the Arsenal v Spurs derby.

posted by the timberlog at 2:33 PM

Timbers Media Day

Today was Timbers media day at PGE Park (followed by a meet-and-greet at the Bitter End Pub tonight at 7pm-NW20th and Burnside) giving the local reporters a chance to stick a microphone and camera in the Timbers players and coaches faces...or get buttonholed by yours truly and have to endure mindless questions.

I caught the end of the morning scrimmage. Byron Alvarez was playing, new arrival Alejandro Gutierrez was also playing (long hair a-flowin') and I'm told that his work permit (a formality) is done and he will be available to play come the home opener weekend.

I asked coach Chris Agnello about last weekend and he seemed pretty happy with the Timbers performance (apart from the first 20 mins, obv.) and was very happy with the 2 week break between that 1-0 loss and the home opener.

As for player news, here is what I picked up. Mamba Chisoni and Salim Bullen are both due to arrive on or about the home opener weekend. I got the impression that Chisoni was arriving the following Monday with Bullen arriving over the weekend. Given that, I'm guessing neither will play against Vancouver or Minnesota.

In addition to the signed players there were 2 trialists on display today (no names) and Chris Agnello told me that there are 2 players who will (probably) be on the Timbers roster soon. One is Byron Carmichael and Chris' comment on him was that he has some other USL clubs interested in him but "If he plays in the USL this year he will play for Portland". The other player who is coming I will call "Mystery Player From the UK" and all Chris would say about him is that he is a defender. There were no dates of arrival for either Byron C. or the MPFUK.

Chris also said that his couple of remaining rosters spots could be filled once the season has been going a while so I didn't sense any rush to fill the magical 26-man roster.

I got to talk to a number of Timbers players and although it has been said before, it bears repeating - the Timbers players are as nice a bunch as you could wish to meet, always open to answering questions and chatting - Portland is lucky to have them.

A number of people gave interviews to camera so watch out on the news shows tonight for the obligatory 10 second micro clips.

One player I was excited to chat to was keeper Devin Zimmerman who showed off his tattoos and talked about his family back in Utah. Moving out to Portland, Devin left behind his wife (also a soccer player in a local Utah Women's league) and his 2-year old daughter Mason. Devin said that the prospect of sitting on the bench this year didn't worry him as he is looking forward to learning a lot from starter Josh Saunders.

Here's hoping the boss gives Devin a long weekend off sometime to go visit his family!

posted by the timberlog at 1:34 PM

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A nice pic of Michael Nsien on the blog of the local photographer who takes a lot of the Timbers media pictures.

posted by the timberlog at 12:22 PM

Dear Sir/madam, When Romario does get his visa...

...and does actually play a game for Miami, can we please see more of this.

Romario: PSV v Steaua


the timberlog

posted by the timberlog at 11:42 AM

Monday, April 24, 2006

Timbers Announce More Coaching Staff

The Timbers have formally announced the remaining coaching staff for the 2006 season, Cony Konstin and John Galas.

[press release]

posted by the timberlog at 4:43 PM

"The Sickness"

You'll have to wait until next Christmas, but if this kind of thing gets you excited (like it does me) then you know you have "the sickness".

posted by the timberlog at 1:59 PM

Not Ibiza

Coventry boss Micky Adams is looking forward to a "stern test" in his team's 2 game summer tour (Portland on July 8th, BYU on July 12th).

"I have spoken to Mick McCarthy who took Sunderland over there last season and he said they are fit and organised so you had better be ready for them. It is not Ibiza, so I am pleased about that because I was a nervous wreck out there."

I wonder what the reaction to Coventry's visit is at BYU...probably a major coup for a college side.

posted by the timberlog at 8:51 AM

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Agnello Era Begins

The Agnello era began tonight with a familiar result, a 1-0 loss to the Vancouver Whitecaps, on this occasion thanks to a 17' Joey Gjertsen goal. The focus now moves back to PGE Park for 2 more weeks of preparation before a pair of games, Vancouver on Friday May 5th and Minnesota on May 6th.

Coach Agnello seemed pleased overall with his team's performance, being quoted in the official press release:

"This was our first true test, and I think that we deserve a passing grade. We came in here and played hard, and we could have easily come away with a point if some balls would have fallen our way."

As Timbers teams before have found, scoring chances at Swangard Stadium are few and far between, yesterday's first shot on target coming in the 55th minute.

With a 2 week break before the Timbers home opener the idea that this game was in effect another pre-season game can be voiced without it sounding too much like a convenient get-out.

posted by the timberlog at 8:58 PM

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Meaning of Tingo

A quite superb book which the timberlog is reading at the moment is The Meaning of Tingo by Adam Jacot de Boinod. The book is a collection of words and phrases from around the world, in every conceivable language, which mean extraordinary things.

Of course it has a small section devoted to the beautiful game and it's my aim to include each one at least once in this years coverage of the Timbers.

armario (Spanish) - an awkward or unskilled player (literally, a wardrobe)

wayra jayt'a (Quechuan, Peru) - a poor player (literally, an air kicker)

cazar (Spanish) - to kick one's opponent and not the ball

ariete (Spanish) - a battering ram (center forward)

verkac (Turkish) - passing and running

baile, danze (Spanish) and melina (Italian) - two players on the same team kicking the ball back and forth to kill time.

roligan (Danish) - a non violent supporter.

Apart from the soccer related ones there are far too many amazing words used to describe actions and/or concepts that will amaze and delight. Just a few of my faves so far:

Backpfeifengesicht (German) - a face that cries out for a fist in it.

bel hevi (Tok Pisin, Papua New Guinea)- the heavy sinking feeling that often accompanies extreme sadness (literally, belly heavy)

at have tømmermaend (Danish) - having a hangover (literally, to have carpenters, i.e. hearing the noise of drilling, sawing, etc.)

fara a puttanu (Icelandic) - to hitchhike (literally, to travel on the thumb)

All in all a really entertaining reference book...and by the way, the Tingo in the title of the book comes from the word in the Pascuense language of Easter Island that means - to take all the objects one desires from the house of a friend, one at a time, by borrowing them.

posted by the timberlog at 12:53 PM

Vancouver Whitecaps v Portland Timbers

It will be the clash of the new-look teams on Saturday when the Timbers travel north to Vancouver B.C. to open the 2006 USL Div 1 season. Both teams have made substantial changes to their rosters over the winter; the Whitecaps bringing in 12 new players in what has been described as the largest overhaul of players in the club's history and the Timbers exceeding that number in an expanded roster.

Whitecaps coach Bob Lilley has been emphasizing goals in his pre-season interviews, deepening his forward line in response to a poor finish to last season where Vancouver scored only 1 goal in their last 6 games and showed over reliance on MVP Jason Jordan. Corey Woolfolk, Eduardo Sebrango (still playing indoor) and Sita-Taty Matondo have been added to support the aforementioned Jordan and Joey Gjertsen.

Timbers coach Chris Agnello, interviewed in today's Tribune, plans to open with a 3-5-2, starting Garrett Marcum at the back, probably deciding that a little experience is a good thing on opening day rather than throwing Jacobi Goodfellow in at the deep end.

He also plans to start the McAthy/Bullen attack that up at Merlo field last weekend got less than rave reviews from the onlookers, but as we know Agnello will not be afraid to make changes in response to the game-day situations.

In the "Expectations" section of that Tribune piece Agnello tempers his usual confidence and makes what are probably more realistic expectations for the coming season.

"We're kind of an unknown right now, because we have a few college kids in the lineup, and we're going to have to rely on them...At this stage, I'd say it would be nice to see us finish in the top half of the table."

Saturday's game can be listened to on the web at MOJO Radio, KO is 7pm.

Oregonian - Agnello Orchestrates Season of Change for the Timbers

Also be sure to continue to check out Bob Kellett's outstanding coverage over at the Timbers Weblog

posted by the timberlog at 9:36 AM

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

posted by the timberlog at 9:23 AM

Exhibition Opponents Announced

News from the Coventry Observer that Coventry City of the English Championship will play the Portland Timbers on Saturday July 8th. The Sky Blues will then travel onto Utah to play BYU on July 12th.

Coventry currently boast former Wimbledon midfielder Dennis Wise (a player the timberlog has seen more times than he cares to mention!) on their squad along with former MLS-er and current T&T national team forward Stern John.

posted by the timberlog at 8:52 AM

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Timbers Sign Marcum and Sergio

The Timbers have announced the signing of Garrett Marcum and Sergio Iñiguez, both to 1-year contracts.

Marcum returns for a 3rd season with the Timbers and Sergio comes to Portland from Atlanta Silverbacks via Farapai Community College and Glendale Community College.

Iñiguez also had trials with French clubs Lille and Auxerre as well as the Argentinean team Boca Juniors before signing with Atlanta.

[press release]

posted by the timberlog at 4:35 PM

Market News

The share price of the Portland Timbers (TIMB) has continued to drift upwards in recent weeks with most investors awaiting early season results. Spikes in the price seen over the past 3 months have not translated into major improvements in the price although trading volume has increased.

Investor optimism has improved due to a number of factors including initial player performance, an increase in the "trust-index" for the Timbers new coach and the usual (and expected) pre-season optimism.

Negative factors include a worry about the late arrival of key players, the increased workload for the combined coach/GM, potential on-field experience/height worries and a too high P/A ratio (Price/Attendance)

We are advising our investors on a "buy" strategy for TIMB either now or after Saturday's league opener as we fully expect the share price to increase steadily over the next few months.

posted by the timberlog at 2:58 PM

As has been pointed out by many, the Timbers pre-season means nothing going into the league opener in Vancouver on Saturday.

The Timbers record is not good playing in Vancouver ( a 1-1-10 W-D-L record over the last 5 seasons by my admittedly poor calculations) and it looks like the team will be without both Byron Alvarez and Mamba Chisoni up front.

The saving grace is that the Timbers defence looks to be solid although "...playing a bit shaky the first 20 minutes", as coach Agnello described the start of the UofP scrimmage, could get you a whole lot of hurt at Swangard.

posted by the timberlog at 9:20 AM

...and the main points again...

Today's Tribune - Timbers still negotiating with forward Byron Carmichael (former Wilmington Hammerheads, SJ Barons, Utah Blitzz).

Mubarike Chisoni joins the team on May 7th (a similar start to the Timbers other college signing Salim Bullen)

Troy Ready - 85% fit after mononeucleosis

Byron Alvarez - recovering from knee injury, might be fit for home opener

posted by the timberlog at 8:49 AM

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Timbers v Westside Metros

Yesterday's second pre-season game was less succesful than the game at Merlo. Reflections on the Timbers 2-1 loss from a talktimbers member.

posted by the timberlog at 4:03 PM

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Timbers at UofP

Timbers 3-0 U of Portland

Goals from Kreamalmeyer just before half time, Miranda on 52' and McAthy on 90'.

A bit more later, but those are the bare bones.

Coach Agnello started today's pre-season game at Merlo Field with a 4-4-2 formation. Drew McAthy and Oral Bullen were given the forward duties with a midfield of Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar, Tommy Poltl, Edwin Miranda and Luke Kreamalmeyer. Defence: Goodfellow, Thompson, Morrison and Nsien.

The first half was a pretty evenly matched game with few chances at either end. The main points to be noted are that both Hugo and Edwin were outstanding, looking fit and eager.

The forward pairing didn't seem to come off although McAthy got an early chance when Hugo's cross from the right reached him at the far post, but his header went into the side netting.

The Timbers did go into half time ahead however thanks to the same move. Miranda out to Hugo and his cross was put away by Luke Kreamalmeyer at the far post.

The second half was where the Timbers really took the upper hand. Troy Ready replaced Oral Bullen and Agnello switched to a 4-5-1 with Kreamalmeyer and Miranda switching sides to support Hugo and Ready where needed.

52' and Troy Ready (who impressed today - was quick, had a nice turn, and a swift low shot) played the ball into McAthy and his knock down was into the path of a deadly Miranda and his blast from just inside the box beat the UofP keeper. 2 - 0

A nice steal by Drew McAthy on 55', but his shot from 20yds was straight at the keeper.

The Pilots had a chance on about 61' with a player in on Josh Saunders, but the Timbers keeper was down to block the incoming player and the follow up was put over the bar.

Troy Ready had a nice chest trap and shot on target on 70' and McAthy nearly managed to chip the oncoming keeper on 85'.

Randolph replaced Nsien on 88' and in stoppage time a Pilot's defender gave the ball away to Alcaraz-Cuellar and his perfect curling cross was put in by McAthy from 5yds.

3-0 Timbers.

A pretty nice performance by the Timbers particularly second half. Outstanding players for me included Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar, Edwin Miranda and Michael Nsien. No Byron Alvarez today as he was dealing with the aftermath (paper-work) of a car accident on Thursday (no injury to Byron luckily).

The only off-the-pitch news I picked up was that a resolution on Timbers radio presence should be due soon...it is only a week away from the Vancouver trip after all!

[more later - I'm cookin' dinner!]

posted by the timberlog at 5:04 PM

Byron Returns

The re-signing of Byron Alvarez was made official yesterday and to celebrate here's a blast from the past in the form of a tlog interview with Byron from 2003.

posted by the timberlog at 12:06 PM

Friday, April 14, 2006

...in the same week that former Timber Brent Sancho gets the World Cup call-up, he helps Gillingham to their 5th win in 5 games since returning to the team. Quite a week.

[maybe I'll see if Brent will have time to send a couple of diary entries from Germany during the competition?]

posted by the timberlog at 1:58 PM

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Timbers at Oregon State

Pictures from yesterday's pre-season game against Oregon State can be seen courtesy of timbersfanpage.com.

From the report posted on talktimbers.com the Timbers came out on top 2-1 with goals from Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar and a last gasp winner from Luke Kreamalmeyer.

The Timbers continue their 2006 preparation with a game against the U of Portland at Merlo Field on Saturday, KO 2pm.

posted by the timberlog at 9:34 AM

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Timbers Sign Gutierrez

Following on from this week's Tribune story, the Timbers have announced today that they have signed midfielder Alejandro Gutierrez, pending an international work clearance.

According to the press release:

"Guti" has been training and playing in amateur leagues in the Salt Lake City area since the Blitzz folded to make way for Real Salt Lake of Major League Soccer in 2004.

The Timbers roster now stands at 18.

posted by the timberlog at 3:36 PM

Former Timber (almost) on his way to World Cup

After his on-again, off-again relationship with Gillingham former Timbers defender Brent Sancho must have breathed a sigh of relief today as he was named in T&T coach LeoBeenhakker's squad for their forthcoming friendly against Peru. One player from the 24-man squad will not make the trip onto the World Cup, but for Brent the major hurdle is over.

Of course you can keep up with all your World Cup 2006 news over at worldcupblog.com

posted by the timberlog at 2:32 PM

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tribune - Agnello to sign former Blitzz midfielder Alejandro Gutierrez.

[tlog match report from the game Agnello mentions. Way, way back in 2001]

[Talktimbers.com discussion]

posted by the timberlog at 8:48 AM

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Michael Nsien Q&A

Michael Nsien is one of the new faces in the Timbers side this season. Coming to Portland via the LA Galaxy and the University of Dayton, the assured and speedy defender/midfielder impressed at the recent scrimmages at the UofP. Michael was kind enough to answer a few questions about himself and his views on the Timbers so far.

1 You've played a couple of games and had about a week of practices with the team, what are your impressions of the team, Coach Agnello and the Timbers organization so far?

As far as the team is concerned, we have plenty of talent. The only challenge will be for the coaches to put it all together in time for the season, and once a starting eleven has emerged, its then up to how well the players gel. The coach has a versatile system that he is keen on playing and we have the players to do it. The coach has quickly gained the respect of the players and it seems that everyone is buying into what he has said so far. The Timbers organization seems to be very professional which is encouraging to us players. When you feel you have the complete backing of an organization and everyone is positive on the outlook on the season, the only thing left is to play and win as many games as possible.

2 Tell me a bit about how you got into the game as a kid and about your college career at Dayton.

I was introduced to soccer at the age of 4 by my father. Being a native of Nigeria, my father has a sincere passion for the game that rubbed off onto me. My father was my coach growing up which made it difficult at times, but was very rewarding. I was recruited by a lot of top universities however I wanted to come in and play right away, which led me to Dayton. I did come in and play right away, I was freshman of the year, and enjoyed many personal accolades throughout my career there. The frustrating thing was not ever making the (NCAA) tourney.

3 You played a couple of games for the Galaxy reserves and then you were signed to the developmental roster in late 2005. What was being part of the Galaxy like? Was it frustrating trying to play into the starting team? Was it a good experience overall?

Being part of a team that ended up as league champions was a great experience. It was great in the sense that I learned how much effort and sacrifice goes into being a champion, on the downside, its very difficult coming into a team that is having success and make it into the lineup. When things are going well, coaches tend to not make changes. I'm very competitive so I want to be involved as much as possible. The Galaxy is an excellent organization and I am very happy to have been a part of that. But I also plan to have a lot more success besides that in my career.

4 How did your signing to Portland come about? Was that suggested to you by the coaches in LA, did they mention your name to coach Agnello.

As you probably already know, LA and Portland have strong ties and have had more than a few players to have played in both cities. The coaches in LA did suggest that I come to Portland and further my development. Both sides have been very encouraging to me. LA did refer me to coach Agnello.

5 Your bio says that you have played for the Nigerian U23 team, are you eligible through one or both of your parents being Nigerian? Is that a goal of yours to play for the Nigerian national team one day?

I am a duel citizen of U.S and Nigeria. I was able to be a duel citizen because my dad is a Nigerian. The epitome of soccer is playing for your country. So that will always be a goal of mine. There’s nothing more that I would want than to play for U.S or Nigeria.

6 Watching the scrimmage, you played in the center of defense alongside Scot Thompson. Is that the position that suits you best? You seemed to be very strong coming forward with the ball is that an aspect of your game that you enjoy?

With the capability of our defense, I will have a little freedom to find my way forward on occasion. Most coaches I have played for seem to like the way I go forward, so they encourage me to do so. I love getting into the attack, that’s the modern game of soccer, backs getting forward.

7 Have you got any idea about what coach Agnello wants from the team this year on the field? One feeling that we get as fans is that the team will be flexible. Do you think that's true? Your bio says that you have played on the left side of defense or midfield is that an option this year too?

Flexibility will be the keyword about our team this season. We have a lot of players that can handle multiple roles on the team, so that makes us very dangerous. I am comfortable playing in the center or outside; it’s just up to the coach on where he feels I can be most effective. I imagine I will spend time in a few positions.

8 Looking at the players who have been signed so far, do you think the team has a good balance? Is there any area that you think needs to be strengthened?

With the players we have so far, we have a great balance. The only thing we need now is a bit more depth, but even with our versatility, depth won't be too much of a problem.

9 Who are some of your favorite players?

I have a few good friends that are currently playing in the U.S and are playing very well, but I can't let them know they are my favorites. I still may face them one day. Dempsey has been something to watch. In the world, I like Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry, John Terry. There are so many great players but those are a few of my favorites.

10 Had you ever been to Portland before? What are your impressions of the city and the fans?

I have actually never been to Portland before. People keep telling me it will stop raining, I don't believe them. I couldn't believe how many fans came out to just a scrimmage. I am very impressed.

[many thanks to Michael for taking time to answer these questions]

posted by the timberlog at 1:44 PM

Friday, April 07, 2006

Timbers Expand Coaching Staff

Tribune - Timbers expand coaching staff, bringing in John Galas, a former assistant at the University of Oregon and Florida State as a goalkeeping coach and Cony Konstin, head coach of the Westside Metros in Beaverton.

Also mentioned, Byron Alvarez is expected to join the team's practices subject to approval from the Chicago Storm.

posted by the timberlog at 8:29 AM

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Timbers Re-Sign Miranda

Another huge signing this afternoon as the Timbers announce the return of Edwin Miranda for the 2006 season.

Miranda made 29 appearances for the team in 2005 (only Josh Saunders played more games) and ended the year with 4 goals and 4 assists.

[press release]

posted by the timberlog at 5:40 PM

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Chevy Welton

posted by the timberlog at 6:27 PM

Timbers Sign Mubarike Chisoni

The Timbers kept the excitement simmering away today with the signing of forward Mubarike "Mamba" Chisoni to a 2 year contract.

Chisoni was on the LA Galaxy roster in 2005 making 11 appearances (1 start) for the 1st team. Chisoni was drafted by the Galaxy from Coastal Carolina University and was born in Zimbabwe.

[Press Release]

...and in honor of Mubarike's signing, here is some music from another Zimbabwean currently residing in Oregon, the legendary Thomas Mapfumo:

Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited - Chikende


posted by the timberlog at 4:40 PM

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Saturday's scrimmage was a perfect trailer for the coming season. Just enough excitement, hints at the plot to be drawn by Chris Agnello, but with enough held back to keep the excitement simmering.

Thanks to the wisdom of crowds there are already some fantastic pictures, an almost complete list of trialists and in depth analysis of Saturday's affairs, but here's my tuppence.

Scrimmages by their nature favor the brave and the fast. Certain types of players stand out and it's no surprise that Luke Kreamalmeyer and Michael Nsien were the players on most peoples minds after the 2 games (Timbers 2-0 Seattle U and Timbers 1-1 U of W for the record).

Kreamalmeyer, fast and with great ball control on the right will mean that Hugo's role will probably be altering this year, maybe his desire to play a more attacking midfield role will come to pass.

Nsien was chomping at the bit coming forward from the back and anyone still looking for a Sancho-like player will be looking his way this season.

It also shouldn't surprise anyone that these 2 stood out because, on this brief viewing, their style exemplifies the Agnello style. He doesn't seem to be a fan of the slow build-up, particularly in the final third and showed a little impatience at some of the players when attacks slowed.

Troy Ready looked effective, Oral Bullen fast and tenacious and Randolph quick but slightly tentative maybe.

It's the players at either end who have a harder time shining in a scrimmage and forwards Drew McAthy and trialist Jaime Ambriz didn't get much chance to stand out.

The man known only at Sergio was a bit of an enigma. He got enough playing time and someone commented that prior to the scrimmages Agnello gave the impression that he knew the player well. He gave off a Fadi-like vibe to me, playing slightly behind the front line.

[update: The consensus is that Sergio is former RSL-er Sergio Flores who was the only Utahn on the RSL roster at one point. His story can be read here. In that article is says that his was a longtime forward who was asked to play in defence by the RSL coach, which explains why he was playing a forward role on Sat.]

[Update: Now thought to be Sergio Iñiguez rather than Flores! This Sergio seems to have played college soccer in Arizona (Yavapai (again!), Grand Canyon U and also the Atlanta Silverbacks]

Another thing that stood out (or rather didn't!) was the "U" shape of this team. Yes, I'm talking height. As predicted from the player bios the midfield looks short...almost comically so at times, but fast paced and skillful. Add in the rumored return of Edwin Miranda and we're officially into "exciting" territory.

The other thing that wasn't a surprise based on what we have heard about, and from Agnello is that he will not be afraid of change. A couple of times a seeming exasperation with a trialist resulted in a quick change (often to moans from friends and/or family in the stands). The large roster obviously allows him to do that, so expect substitutions both tactical and based on on-the-day performance.

What else?

The all important hair:

Kreamalmeyer - a bouncing head of curls held back by a thin band (not the only one on display)

Zimmerman - revenge of the purple fringe.

Rudolph - No Afro! Shame!

Overall though the thing that impressed more than any individual performance was the team play as a whole and the atmosphere surrounding Agnello and Wilkinson. All in all a good sign.

Returning to the movie trailer metaphor for a second, we know that they can be an art-form all to themselves and often bare no relation to the finished product, but if the main event lives up to this then it's going to be an exciting year for the Portland Timbers.

posted by the timberlog at 9:30 PM

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usl d1 attendance

[Fixtures 2006]

4/22 Vancouver (A)
5/5 Vancouver (H)
5/6 Minnesota (H)
5/12 Miami (A)
5/14 Puerto Rico (A)
5/19 Rochester (H)
5/28 Toronto (H)
5/27 Minnesota (A)
6/2 Seattle (A)
6/3 Seattle (H)
6/10 Vancouver (H)
6/15 Minnesota (A)
6/17 Rochester (A)
6/18 Montreal (A)
6/30 Vancouver (A)
7/2 Miami (H)
7/14 Charleston (A)
7/15 Atlanta (A)
7/21 Seattle (H)
7/22 Seattle (A)
7/27 Virginia Beach (A)
7/29 Toronto (A)
8/4 Minnesota (H)
8/10 Virginia Beach (H)
8/18 Puerto Rico (H)
8/31 Montreal (H)
9/3 Charleston (H)
9/7 Atlanta (H)

[timberlog 2005]

current roster/player news

results/match reports

usl d1 attendance

2005 disciplinary points

[Fixtures 2005]

4/23 Toronto (H)
4/29 Minnesota (H)
4/30 Seattle (A)
5/7 Minnesota (A)
5/12 Charleston (H)
5/28 Virginia Beach (H)
6/3 Rochester (A)
6/4 Toronto (A)
6/6 Puerto Rico (A)
6/10 Vancouver (A)
6/16 Puerto Rico (H)
6/18 Rochester (H)
6/30 Montreal (H)
7/2 Vancouver (H)
7/8 Seattle (A)
7/9 Vancouver (A)
7/14 Vancouver (H)
8/5 Minnesota (H)
8/7 Seattle (H)
8/10 Montreal (A)
8/13 Minnesota (A)
8/20 Seattle (H)
8/27 Charleston (A)
8/28 Atlanta (A)
9/2 Virginia Beach (A)
9/3 Richmond (A)
9/8 Atlanta (H)
9/10 Richmond (H)

[timberlog 2004]

current roster/player news

results/match reports

a-league attendance

2004 disciplinary points

2004 player diary

[Fixtures 2004]

5/1 Seattle (H)
5/13 Calgary (H)
5/15 Seattle (A)
5/23 Vancouver (A)
5/29 Milwaukee (H)
6/4 Charleston (A)
6/5 Atlanta (A)
6/10 Edmonton (H)
6/12 Vancouver (H)
6/17 Rochester (H)
6/22 Minnesota (A)
6/23 Milwaukee (A)
7/2 Vancouver (H)
7/8 Edmonton (H)
7/16 Vancouver (A)
7/17 Seattle (A)
7/24 Seattle (H)
7/28 Calgary (A)
7/29 Edmonton (A)
7/31 Milwaukee (A)
8/5 Minnesota (H)
8/7 Edmonton (A)
8/8 Calgary (A)
8/12 Calgary (H)
8/14 Minnesota (A)
8/19 Puerto Rico (H)
8/27 Minnesota (H)
8/29 Milwaukee (H)

[timberlog 2003]

current roster/player news

results/match reports


a-league attendance

2003 disciplinary points

[Fixtures 2003]

5/1 Seattle (H)
5/2 Seattle (A)
5/11 Vancouver (A)
5/12 Calgary (A)
5/14 Calgary (H)
5/18 Seattle (A)
5/25 Calgary (A)
5/27 Minnesota (H)
5/29 Vancouver (H)
6/7 El Paso (A)
6/8 Milwaukee (A)
6/12 Vancouver (H)
6/27 Calgary (H)
6/29 Calgary (A)
7/1 Vancouver (A)
7/3 Vancouver (H)
7/11 El Paso (H)
7/13 Milwaukee (H)
7/23 Cincinnati (A)
7/25 Minnesota (A)
7/27 Calgary (H)
8/9 Seattle (H)
8/10 Seattle (A)
8/15 Indiana (H)
8/17 Vancouver (A)
8/18 Seattle (H)
8/23 El Paso (A)
8/29 El Paso (H)

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2002 tables

2002 a-league attendance

2002 disciplinary points

[timberlog 2001]

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2001 training camp

2001 results/match reports

2001 tables


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