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Monday, August 30, 2004

Timbers Top Team in A-League

The Portland Timbers clinched the 2004 A-League regular season Championship on Sunday with a 2-1 win over Milwaukee. The Timbers finished with an 18-7-3, 57 pts record, beating the Eastern Conference's top team Montreal by a single point.

Byron Alvarez and Fadi Afash scored as the Timbers go unbeaten in 10 games into the playoffs which start at PGE Park on Wednesday night.

The announced crowd of 7,833 was the best for the Timbers this year in the A-League (the league wide numbers can be found here minus the Toronto-Charleston game which was posponed and will be played today). The Timbers finished the season with an average of 5,281 at PGE Park.

posted by the timberlog at 10:52 AM

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Weekend Update

Posting will be sporadic as timberlog-towers awaits babylog mark II (yes the due date IS the same as the A-League final!!)

...but here are the main points again:

Timbers wrap up their regular season this afternoon against Milwaukee at PGE Park (KO 5pm)

Timbers 0-0 Thunder - 6,287 on Friday night saw just the Timbers held scoreless for just the 5th time this year. Lights out in the 41st minute!

The Timbers will play Seattle in the quarterfinals of the playoffs, first leg at PGE Park on Wednesday Sep 1st, return leg in Seattle on Sun Sep 5th.

Vancouver will play Minnesota in the other quarterfinal playoff.

posted by the timberlog at 3:31 PM

Friday, August 27, 2004

Elfvin Profile

Oregonian profile of Bayard Elfvin who will be starting in goal tonight as the Timbers play the Minnesota Thunder, PGE Park 8pm KO.
"When you first come out, the butterflies are definitely there, but to do my job -- that's such a great feeling."

posted by the timberlog at 11:57 AM

Vanity Journalism

...and for anyone still interested, Dwight Jayne in the Trib continues his bold exercise in vanity journalism by filling this week's "Sports" column with unimaginative retorts to reader's letters...because (as we all know) there's nothing going on in the world of sports this week.

posted by the timberlog at 9:25 AM

Goodbye PGE Park??

The new stadium financing plan put forward by the City of Portland and the members of the Oregon Stadium Campaign includes the possibility of razing PGE Park (for "redevelopment opportunities") in order to divert current Multnomah hotel and vehicle taxes (currently used to pay off the $38.5 million Civic Stadium/PGE Park redevelopment cost) to the proposed new MLB stadium.

Although Portland is no longer in the running to house the Montreal Expos (those close to the sources claim that PDX never was a real candidate) the plan has been devised to keep Portland alive for a possible future relocation of one of the following MLB teams (Oakland Athletics, the Minnesota Twins, the Florida Marlins and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays).

When asked about the future of PGE Park, David Logsdon, the city's spectator facilities manager, said:
"That's an issue we'll look at. As we look at what the future of PGE Park is (if a big-league stadium is built), that's an option that'll be analyzed."

posted by the timberlog at 9:00 AM

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Tomorrow: Portland Timbers v Minnesota Thunder

Friday night sees the Timbers play Minnesota in the penultimate regular season game at PGE Park this season. KO is at 8pm, the later time to accomodate the live broadcast on Fox Sports World.

With top seed in the West wrapped up, the Timbers just need to keep their momentum going while they wait to see who will face on Sept 1st as 4th seed.

The Thunder are coming off a 2-0 win in Edmonton on Monday leaving them currently in the 4th and final playoff place.

Jake Sagare and Josh Saunders will miss Friday's game for the Timbers.

posted by the timberlog at 10:22 AM

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Josh Saunders in DUI Arrest

Timbers keeper Josh Saunders was arrested in the early hours of Friday morning and charged with DUI, the Oregonian is reporting today.

Saunders, 23, of Tigard was clocked twice by laser at 102 mph on the highway 26 near the Canyon Road exit.

Saunders was given a Sept. 7 court date and has been suspended for Friday's game against Minnesota and has been fined an undisclosed amount, according to Chris Metz, spokesman for the Timbers.

posted by the timberlog at 4:45 PM

Benedetti Named to Team of the Week

For the first time this year Scott Benedetti has been named to the A-League team of the week.

Benedetti, 37, notched up a goal and an assist in Thursday's 5-0 victory over Puerto Rico.

posted by the timberlog at 4:42 PM

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Timbers Champions of the West

The Portland Timbers became the A-League Western Conference Champions on Thursday night with an emphatic 5-0 win over the Puerto Rico Islanders.

The Championship was the first in the club's history and sets up a first-leg playoff game as the number 1 seed on Wednesday Sept 1st at PGE Park.

Goals from Edwin Miranda (his first for the Timbers), Byron Alvarez, Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar, Scott Benedetti (his first of the year)and Fadi Afash proved too much for the Islanders especially as they played for half the game with 10 men after Chris Gores pulled down Alvarez on a breakaway.

Syrian Fadi Afash's goal was his 4th in only 143 minutes play since returning to the Timbers 8 games ago.

The Timbers penultimate regular season game is next Friday, Aug. 27. The game against the Minnesota Thunder in a nationally televised match on Fox Sports World and kickoff is 8 p.m.

Tickets for the Sept 1st playoff game go on sale on Monday, Aug. 23 at 10 a.m.

O - Timbers Wrap Up First Seed

Columbian - Timbers Lock Up Western Conference

posted by the timberlog at 7:44 PM

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Feel Good Hit of the Summer

Alvarez, Antoniuk, Gordon, Afash!

The Oregonian today on the quartet of forwards who have each played their part in the Timbers' success this season.
"It's a real luxury to have four players of this quality on your team," Howe said. "This is the strongest attacking force we've had. . . . You can start with two of those players and take one off and not miss a beat."

No Lee Morrison tonight serving his red card suspension and Shawn Saunders, Andrew Gregor and David Henning all have injuries that mean they might be rested or play limited minutes.

posted by the timberlog at 2:30 PM

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Thursday at PGE Park: Olympic Theme...No Costas!

Next up for us "hooligans and yuppies", the Puerto Rico Islanders visit PGE Park this Thursday for the Portland Timbers' next A-League game in the run-in to the playoffs.

A win on Thursday would assure the Timbers of the 2004 Western Conference Title, the first time they will have achieved this since joining the A-League in 2001.

The Islanders are coached by Hugo Maradona, younger brother of the former Argentinian superstar Diego Maradona, thus giving English ex-pats another chance to bore their neighbors with stories about the 1986 World Cup!!

The Islanders started this season slowly, taking 14 games to get their first win, but since then have improved with a middle of the road 4-5-3 record taking them to 5-15-6 for the year.

The Islanders have done well attendance-wise, currently lying in 6th place with an average of 3,889 fans.

Kick off is 7pm and the night has been named "Toga Party Thursday" in celebration of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

There will be the traditional "drug test avoidance" game at half-time and Bob Costas will be delivering an annoying, partisan and condescending commentary throughout...just kidding.


"this will be the last Thursday event at PGE Park this season, fans are invited to take part in the occasion, which will include opening ceremonies, halftime competitions and togas galore."

The mind, as they say, boggles!

posted by the timberlog at 10:03 AM

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Alcaraz-Cuellar Honored Again

Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar has been named to the A-League team of the week for week 18. Hugo beat Minnesota keeper Joe Warren with a direct free kick on Saturday to give the Timbers a 2-2 draw and extend their unbeaten streak to 7 games.

Hugo currently leads the A-League in assists with 9 and this is the third time he has made the team of the week.

posted by the timberlog at 4:12 PM

Come Yuppies, Come Hooligans, Come Nude Dancers!

Portland's worst sports columnistTM is finally coming off the rails. In his last missive before he is shunted off to the Ross Island Home for the Feeble Minded..... Dwight Jaynes bundles some of his pet hates together. Soccer, Portland and probably himself!

Fuming at the lack of progress in attracting a MLB side to PDX, Jaynes calls Major League Soccer the perfect fit for the Rose City.

From there on all bets are off as Jaynes spins his initial concept into the far reaches of cosmic space and time.

Amazingly linking soccer (which as we all know appeals to "yuppies and hooligans") to a dislike of public transport and public funding (just plain "the public" probably) Jaynes goes onto fume about public urination, the Multnomah County income tax, signing for the hearing impaired and "nude-dancing emporiums".

Unfortunately Jaynes ran out of space before he could link "same-sex marriage", "off-leash areas", "begging" and the "terror threat" to the evils of MLS.

No mention of the Timbers making the playoffs, Alan Gordon or the amazing atmosphere at PGE Park, natch. This is a sports column after all.

posted by the timberlog at 10:14 AM

Monday, August 16, 2004

Surprise! Your new coach is...

More on the "Tiffeny Milbrett to coach high school girls" story.
"I found myself with time I didn't expect to have," said Milbrett, who was a Oregon three-time player of the year for Hillsboro High School before starring at Portland. "And I knew that after playing, my next career will be as a coach."

posted by the timberlog at 4:31 PM

Timbers Establish Keiana Serrill Fund

The Portland Timbers have established a fund for Keiana Serrill the grand-daughter of Timbers iconic mascot Timber Jim. Hannah Serrill, the daughter of Jim and mother of two-year-old Keiana was killed on Aug 5th in a road accident near McMinnville, Ore.

Timbers fans paid tribute to Hannah before the Aug 12th game at PGE Park where Jim and Keiana were present.

Donations to the Keiana Serrill Fund are being accepted at Portland-area US Bank locations or by sending a check to the Portland Timbers at 1844 SW Morrison, Portland, OR 97205. The Timbers will be accepting donations during all the remaining regular-season matches at the fan stand, located on the main concourse at PGE Park.

posted by the timberlog at 2:39 PM

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Thunder 2 - 2 Timbers

The Portland Timbers came away from St. Paul Minnesota yesterday with a 2-2 draw, a point to keep them 9 points clear at the top of the Western Conference and a red card to Lee Morrison.

Byron Alvarez put Bengard's corner part Warren on 19' to get the Timbers off to a good start, a lead Portland held into the second half.

On 58' Alan Gordon had a penalty plea ignored after being brought down in the box, the Timbers players even more incensed when Lee Morrison was sent off 2 minutes later for a similar offence. From the Minnesota penalty, Menyongar made the score 1-1.

Playing a man down, the Thunder seemed to have got the game winner on 71' when Melvin Tarley chipped the ball over the head of Portland goalkeeper Josh Saunders.

But with a direct free kick from the edge of the Minnesota box on 86' Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar stepped up to save the day and send the game into overtime.

Jacquette was sent off on 92' after bringing down Thompson who was almost in 1-on-1 with Warren, but with both teams having late chances the game ended 2-2.

The Timbers extended their unbeaten streak to seven games and finished with a fantastic 9-3-2 record away from home.

The Timbers final 3 games are at PGE Park starting on Thursday Aug 19th against the Puerto Rico Islanders, KO 7pm.

posted by the timberlog at 2:35 PM

Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday Links

Oregonian-Timbers Clinch Playoff Place

Edwin Miranda Named Cal State Northridge Male Athlete of the Year.

Pictures of the Tribute to Hannah Serrill

posted by the timberlog at 6:56 AM

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Playoff Bound: Timbers 2 - 1 Mustangs

A final minute goal by super-sub Fadi Afash gave the Portland Timbers a 2-1 win at PGE Park tonight, sending the Timbers into the A-League playoffs.

A 39th minute penalty by Alex Bengard gave the Portland Timbers a first half lead against the Calgary Mustangs, a lead that Portland held into the second half.

With Miranda replacing Gregor on 56', Geert Brusselers equalized on 62' after a Calgary move down the center.

Scott Benedetti replaced Bengard on 69' and the 2 substitutions in midfield and the Calgary goal seemed to spur the Timbers into action.

There were late chances for Gordon, Benedetti and Alvarez before Byron was replaced by Fadi Afash on 85'.

Then for the third time in 3 games Fadi scored, taking Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar's pass and beating Pfannenstiel for the game winner in the 90th minute.

The only advantage of being out of town and missing the game is listening to Andy Macnamara's radio broadcast, which tonight was augmented by the vocal-stylings of Aaron Heinzen who added some great insight.

A couple of things mentioned in the broadcast:

John Nolan of the Oregonian is recuperating after recent heart surgery. Get well soon John
Jim Taylor mentioned Wed Sept 1st as the most probable first leg playoff date at PGE Park.

posted by the timberlog at 8:40 PM

Tonight: Timbers v Calgary

A reminder that the Portland Timbers play the Calgary Mustangs tonight at PGE Park, KO 7pm.

Since losing to a single Alan Gordon goal back in July the Mustangs have put together a nice run of results (including last weekend's 1-1 draw against the Timbers in Calgary). The Timbers need a single point to assure them of a playoff spot this year.

Tonight's game will include a minutes silence for Timber Jim's family.

posted by the timberlog at 12:55 PM

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Soccer University USA?

In a week when Michael Lewis asks the question "Can the U.S. Women's Olympic Team survive and even thrive without the University of Portland connection?" more proof of soccer thriving on the bluff.

First the NSCAA announce the 2004 MAC Hermann Trophy Watch Lists which include Pilots senior forward Christine Sinclair and junior midfielder Lindsey Huie on the Women's list and Junior forward Alejandro Salazar on the men's list.

Then there's another Pilot taking a different route into the future. Josh Simpson has given up his senior year and signed a two-year contract with Millwall of the English Championship. The Canadian caught the eye of Millwall manager Dennis Wise (gotta get my Wimbledon connection in at least once a year!) when Millwall played Canada in a friendly last month.

posted by the timberlog at 9:36 PM

Soccer Mum?

The WWeek picks up on the whole "language" mini-controversy that was handled by both sides with seeming aplomb last week.
"They're a great bunch of people," says Cathy McKay, owner of the Bullpen, a stadium-area bar favored by fans. In fact, McKay prefers the singing soccer spectators to the Beavers' baseball believers.

The Timbers' fans continue to amaze with two threads from talktimbers.com over the last few days. The Timber Jim Condolences thread and then to cap it all, Timbers' fans help mend a broken heart....ahhhhhhhhh!

posted by the timberlog at 10:44 AM

Midweek Round-Up

With just 5 regular season games remaining (4 at PGE Park!), the Portland Timbers are 6 points clear of their nearest rival Vancouver.

Next home game, this Thursday at PGE Park KO 7pm, a single point will guarantee the Timbers an A-League playoff place.

Former USA Women's team member Tiffeny Milbrett will be coaching the lucky girls at Tigard High School while she considers her future options and continues her rehab following knee surgery.

posted by the timberlog at 10:26 AM

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sad News for Timber Jim

Very sad news today as Timbers fans are learning that the 17 year-old daughter of Timbers' premier fan and mascot Timber Jim was killed in a car crash on Thursday. Hannah Beth Serrill was killed after a head-on crash on Highway 18, about five miles east of McMinnville.

In other news the Timbers won in Edmonton 4-1 yesterday and drew 1-1 in Calgary today.

Edmonton 1-4 Portland

16' Gordon, 16' (UA)
45' Alvarez, 45' (UA)
60' Alvarez, (Alcaraz-Cuellar)
85' Afash, 85' (Bengard)

Calgary 1-1 Portland

72' Afash, 72' (Alcaraz-Cuellar)

posted by the timberlog at 6:16 PM

Friday, August 06, 2004

Portland 3 - 0 Minnesota

There were some great performances at PGE Park last night. Andrew Gregor's 2 goals and 1 assist would have been the standout in any game...except last night Josh Saunders had to keep the Thunder (and in particular Johnny Menyongar) at bay. The game was a lot closer than the one-sided scoreline suggests and the Thunder played their part in one of the best games seen at PGE Park for a while.

Bobby Howe's wish to have every game from now on played as if it were a playoff game seems to have started well.

Match report here.

posted by the timberlog at 3:43 PM

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Timbers Back Home With a Bang (or Three)

The Portland Timbers returned to PGE Park tonight and blew away the remaining cobwebs from their sorry performance aganinst Seattle.

The full story tomorrow but tonight the facts:

Andrew Gregor's free kick, missed by Bengard's head, curled past Joe Warren on 12'.
Gregor again on 43' with a sweet volley past the Minnesota keeper to make it 2-0 at the half.
56 minutes and Byron Alvarez's 1-2 with Gregor to beat Warren for the third time tonight.

Timbers 3 - 0 Thunder

posted by the timberlog at 10:11 PM

Timbers v Thunder Tonight

The timberlog team sheet for tonight's game at PGE Park (KO 7pm). Should be a good game (famous last words). The Thunder are always worth watching even if they are tired after last night's loss to San Jose in the US Open Cup and the Timbers have some things to prove in front of their home fans.

posted by the timberlog at 2:34 PM

Heinzen's Season Over

Sad news this morning that Aaron Heinzen's season with the Timbers is over after an MRI discovered some dead bone in his left ankle. Heinzen is scheduled to undergo surgery in about 10 days.

Get well soon Aaron.

The O article this morning focuses on Alex Bengard, rightly singling him out as key reason for the Timbers success this season.

The Minnesota Thunder arrive in Portland for tonight's game at PGE Park having played 120 minutes last night in St. Paul, eventually losing to San Jose on penalties in the US Open Cup.

"We've got to overcome that psychologically," Bobby Howe said of the homestand blues. "We've got to hit them, because they're going to be tired.

posted by the timberlog at 8:32 AM

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Timbers: WWeek's Best of...

Kind of wrote itself really. Alan Gordon one of the people of the year ("Best Raging Rookie"), currently the top scorer in the A-League with 16 goals and the Portland Timbers voted "Best Local Sports Team" in the readers poll.

posted by the timberlog at 2:38 PM

Timbers v Thunder Preview

Another Thursday evening of Timbers soccer tomorrow as the Minnesota Thunder visit PGE Park for the first time this year (KO 7pm).

The Thunder (10-6-3) are currently 6 points adrift of the top placed Timbers and Whitecaps with a game in hand, and are currently the only A-League side without a win on the road (let's hope it stays that way!)

The Timbers, however, seem to be keeping their best form for the road and are coming off wins in Calgary and Milwaukee, earning midfielder Edwin Miranda a place on the A-League Team of the Week.

The teams only meeting so far this season was back in June when the Timbers' Alan Gordon gave Portland a 1-0 win in the James Griffin Stadium.

[A bad scheduling clash as the Oregon Zoo concert season sees the brilliant Zimbabwean Thomas Mapfumo (now a Eugene resident!) play...if you're not going to be at PGE Park on Thursday make sure you're at the Zoo! Personally it was a toss up, but the timberlog has seen him 3 or 4 times already...and will be listening to Kekele tonight so...]

posted by the timberlog at 9:46 AM

Monday, August 02, 2004

Timbers Continue to Win on the Road

The Portland Timbers continued to win on the road on Saturday with a 2-0 win in Milwaukee, avenging their 2-1 loss at Uihlein Park back in June. The Timbers now have an 8-3-0 record on the road, one of the best in the A-League.

Early goals by Byron Alvarez (his 10th of the season) and Alex Bengard sunk the Wave United, Dan Antoniuk getting both assists.

The Timbers now top the Western Conference with the Vancouver Whitecaps (who were held to a 1-1 draw by Calgary on Friday).

Next up for the Timbers, the Minnesota Thunder at PGE Park, this Thursday, KO 7pm.

posted by the timberlog at 11:09 AM

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