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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Charleston Sign Downing

The Charleston Battery today announced the signing of Nick Downing for the 2004 A-League season. Downing played for the Timbers last season while on loan from MLS's New England Revolution.

posted by the timberlog at 3:53 PM

USL Break Silence on Timbers

Dave Askinas, executive director of the USL in today's Oregonian article said that "he is confident the situation will be resolved, but if it isn't by the end of Feb, then the A-League could terminate the franchise and look for new ownership".

"The league schedule is like a house of cards," Askinas said. "If one or two fail, you can bring the whole thing down. So we have a lot of work to do."

Other pertinent quotes:
John Acker on the Mark Schuster proposal:
"That's a hard question," Acker said. "In its present form, with the debt load, I don't think that's possible. In its present form, I would have to say no."

PCL President Branch Rickey:
"Rickey put the blame squarely on the "miscalculations" of the original agreement between PFE and the city."

posted by the timberlog at 9:48 AM

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Shaky Ground - Big Game Capital Pull Out

The future of the Portland Timbers was again thrown into disarray this morning as potential new owners Big Game Capital pulled out of talks with the City of Portland.

According to City spokesperson Mary Volm "The business is simply too distressed, and it would require BGC to assume too much risk at this time."

With the 30-day extension given to PFE running out the City looks likely to assume control of the stadium and the 2 teams.

As usual the Timbers play second fiddle to the Beavers with John Acker from the city making assurances that the Beavers would play in Portland this season, but being less sure about the Timbers.

"I can't say 100 percent, but I think there's an extremely high likelihood the Beavers will be here,
" (Acker) said. "We hope that the Timbers will be here also."

It is unsure if the last minute offer from PFE's Mark Schuster is still on the table or if the City would consider it if it was.

Yet again the faithful Timbers fans are left wondering if we will see a team play here this year and if so, what form it will take.

Stay Tuned!

Oregonian - Deal fails, leaving City to run PGE Park

posted by the timberlog at 8:24 AM

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Bam Earthquake - Aid Worker's Diary

Portland-based Mercy Corps' aid worker Robert Kellett is keeping a journal of his experience in Bam, Iran. When not doing good work for Mercy Corp (and presumably even when he IS), Robert is a staunch supporter of the Portland Timbers.

posted by the timberlog at 1:58 PM

Thursday, January 15, 2004

2004 Timbers Schedule

With no new ownership news, except someone perportedly from Big Game Capital asking questions of the folks posting on oregonlive boards (nice cross-section there!) and no player news to speak of (although i'm told that the 2004 team tryouts are in the process of being sorted out, the Timbers '2004 schedule was released last week.

Nice work gives 11 of the 14 home games either on Thirsty Thursday or Soccertastic Saturday (OK, I made that last one up).

The season opens up on May 1st at PGE Park against Seattle, the full schedule is over there on the right. Ticket packages can be obtained from the Timbers ticket office (503) 553-5555.

[Update: Timbers draft pick Leonard Griffin picked by the Chicago Fire in the 2nd Round of the MLS Super Draft this morning. Alan Gordon picked by the LA Galaxy in the 6th Round]

posted by the timberlog at 11:43 AM

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4/22 Vancouver (A)
5/5 Vancouver (H)
5/6 Minnesota (H)
5/12 Miami (A)
5/14 Puerto Rico (A)
5/19 Rochester (H)
5/28 Toronto (H)
5/27 Minnesota (A)
6/2 Seattle (A)
6/3 Seattle (H)
6/10 Vancouver (H)
6/15 Minnesota (A)
6/17 Rochester (A)
6/18 Montreal (A)
6/30 Vancouver (A)
7/2 Miami (H)
7/14 Charleston (A)
7/15 Atlanta (A)
7/21 Seattle (H)
7/22 Seattle (A)
7/27 Virginia Beach (A)
7/29 Toronto (A)
8/4 Minnesota (H)
8/10 Virginia Beach (H)
8/18 Puerto Rico (H)
8/31 Montreal (H)
9/3 Charleston (H)
9/7 Atlanta (H)

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4/23 Toronto (H)
4/29 Minnesota (H)
4/30 Seattle (A)
5/7 Minnesota (A)
5/12 Charleston (H)
5/28 Virginia Beach (H)
6/3 Rochester (A)
6/4 Toronto (A)
6/6 Puerto Rico (A)
6/10 Vancouver (A)
6/16 Puerto Rico (H)
6/18 Rochester (H)
6/30 Montreal (H)
7/2 Vancouver (H)
7/8 Seattle (A)
7/9 Vancouver (A)
7/14 Vancouver (H)
8/5 Minnesota (H)
8/7 Seattle (H)
8/10 Montreal (A)
8/13 Minnesota (A)
8/20 Seattle (H)
8/27 Charleston (A)
8/28 Atlanta (A)
9/2 Virginia Beach (A)
9/3 Richmond (A)
9/8 Atlanta (H)
9/10 Richmond (H)

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5/1 Seattle (H)
5/13 Calgary (H)
5/15 Seattle (A)
5/23 Vancouver (A)
5/29 Milwaukee (H)
6/4 Charleston (A)
6/5 Atlanta (A)
6/10 Edmonton (H)
6/12 Vancouver (H)
6/17 Rochester (H)
6/22 Minnesota (A)
6/23 Milwaukee (A)
7/2 Vancouver (H)
7/8 Edmonton (H)
7/16 Vancouver (A)
7/17 Seattle (A)
7/24 Seattle (H)
7/28 Calgary (A)
7/29 Edmonton (A)
7/31 Milwaukee (A)
8/5 Minnesota (H)
8/7 Edmonton (A)
8/8 Calgary (A)
8/12 Calgary (H)
8/14 Minnesota (A)
8/19 Puerto Rico (H)
8/27 Minnesota (H)
8/29 Milwaukee (H)

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5/1 Seattle (H)
5/2 Seattle (A)
5/11 Vancouver (A)
5/12 Calgary (A)
5/14 Calgary (H)
5/18 Seattle (A)
5/25 Calgary (A)
5/27 Minnesota (H)
5/29 Vancouver (H)
6/7 El Paso (A)
6/8 Milwaukee (A)
6/12 Vancouver (H)
6/27 Calgary (H)
6/29 Calgary (A)
7/1 Vancouver (A)
7/3 Vancouver (H)
7/11 El Paso (H)
7/13 Milwaukee (H)
7/23 Cincinnati (A)
7/25 Minnesota (A)
7/27 Calgary (H)
8/9 Seattle (H)
8/10 Seattle (A)
8/15 Indiana (H)
8/17 Vancouver (A)
8/18 Seattle (H)
8/23 El Paso (A)
8/29 El Paso (H)

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