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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Timbers Sign 4 More

Ahead of Saturday's scrimmages at the UofP and the start of the 2006 training camp, the Timbers have signed four more players today.

The four are defender Josh Brown, midfielders Troy Ready and Mike Randolph and goalkeeper Devin ("The Dude"?) Zimmerman.

In addition keeper Sam Reynolds has been let go after being asked to be released from his contract. Good luck Sam.

[press release]

posted by the timberlog at 3:59 PM

Miami FC sign "Romario"

A coup for the USL in terms of the publicity this is generating for the league and for new USL Div1 side Miami FC, with today's confirmation that the Brazilian Romario De Souza Faria has officially been signed.

The Timbers play Miami on July 2nd with a chance that fans will also see Romario's 1994 World Cup teammate Zinho (Crizam Cesar de Oliveira Filho) and former Jamaican international Onandi Lowe who are also on the Miami roster.

Romario currently stands on 959 career goals and is rapidly approaching the 1,000 mark, a feat which only Pelé has achieved.

...of course these kinds of signings can easily fall apart, but with any luck this will endure and add a little more spice to the USL season.

posted by the timberlog at 11:05 AM

Hugo Q&A

Not only is Hugo a fan favorite, but he's also always gracious in interacting with fans and answering questions. I asked Hugo about the end of the 2005 season, the winter break and the coming year. Here is what he had to say:

1 You had a really successful season last year personally, what was your feeling at the end of last season with Bobby Howe and Jim Taylor leaving the club

When both Bobby and Jim were gone I didn't know what to think. I had Bobby as a coach for 4 years. He trusted and allowed me the freedom to play. He had confidence in me (Jim Taylor included) and I will always appreciate that from both. Bobby and Jim are good people and I wish them the very best.

2 Why did you decided to return to the Timbers?

I decided to return to the Timbers for many reasons. It's an honor and a pleasure each year to wear a Timbers uniform. To play in front of the best fans, the TIMBERS ARMY (and those who aren't in the army) is awesome: nonstop cheering and support. I have seen the numbers grow each year and I expect the same this season. So many great memories. Things have changed here in Portland and I want to be a part of it and help bring the Championship that the Portland Timbers fans deserve.

3 Do you know much about our new coach? How difficult will it be playing in a different style after 4 seasons of Bobby Howe's style?

I don't know too much about Coach Agnello. We have spoken a few times and he is excited to have me back which gives me confidence to do what I have been for the past years and more. Maybe play an attacking midfield position, something I know I could do and have wanted to play. I don't think it will be too difficult to adjust to Agnello's style. Whatever style he wants, the players on the field will have to respond.

4 What things do you think were good about last season and need to be kept, and what things do you think need to be improved?

That’s a good question. The main thing the Timbers need to do is reestablish their identity, so that when new players come in, they respect the Timbers uniform.
We need players to come in and understand that we are privileged to play professional soccer every day. To understand what it means to play for the Timbers. This is my fifth season with the club and I would hate to have players who just don't give a damn and only care about themselves, I hope we left those players in the past.
That needs to happen and everything else will take care of itself. If the team is meant to win the championship then we will. If not then as long as we went to work everyday for each other and gave everything we got, then that’s all anybody could ask for.

5 Do you know anything about the new players who have been announced so far?

I have seen Drew play and he can score goals. Hopefully he can get some opportunities to demonstrate that.

6 Was your negotiation to re-sign with the Timbers a difficult one?

It was in way because Rochester came with a good offer in December 2005. They always have a very good team with loads of talent and I was intrigued by the players they had and were signing. I told Rochester that I wanted to wait and see what was going to happen in Portland. I wanted to give the Timbers the opportunity to resign me.
When time flew by and Chris was hired I wanted to see what his ideas were and with the budget rumors what deal could he offer. Obviously with the budget not being the same it was difficult to turn down other offers from a financial standpoint, but I went with my heart and I am a Timber again and can't wait for April 22.

7 There has been a lot of talk about player salaries being lower this year, was that a big factor in looking elsewhere?

Yes it was because I feel that I have performed well on the field each season with the club. That I did deserved a good contract, especially after my first three seasons where I was not earning much. The budget is what it is and it's time to think about the league title and US Open Cup. Like I said, I'm happy to be a Timber and Coach Agnello knows that.

8 I asked you in 2002 about your aspirations in the game and like most players you said a career in the higher leagues (MLS or first div in Mexico). Do you think the opportunities are there to progress into the MLS or other "higher" leagues from the USL? Are you keeping one eye on a career outside soccer at all?

I think they are but it is really about who you know and how they can help you. As for a career besides soccer I don't know yet. I haven't given it much thought.

9 I wanted to ask you about the turf at PGE Park having played on it for 4 years. Have you noticed it changing much, getting more difficult to play on for example or are you used to it now?

I noticed it gets harder every year. One thing the organization used to do a lot was was have the grounds-crew brush and water the turf to make it softer but I guess the budget doesn't allow it or something else. Things like that make a difference when you play on it.

10 Over the past 4 seasons who have been your favorite players to play with? Is there anyone who you have wished the Timbers would have signed? (Maybe someone you yourself have suggested to the management?)

Well I don't know about favorites but there is Tennyson, Fadi, Byron, Alan. I have enjoyed watching them score goals, although selfish at times but aren't all forwards (ha ha - joke!). Others include Greg Howes, he was crafty and played with confidence. Edwin Miranda and Memo Arzate are very skilled players. I wish the Timbers fans could have seen Memo play because he was the number 10 that we needed and he never got the chance. As for players I wished the Timbers signed, there's Noah Delgado from Puerto Rico, a good friend and great player. Jonathon Bolanos is somone else, very good left foot and smart player.

Thank you and hello to all the loyal timber fans and new ones, see ya soon. Hugo.

posted by the timberlog at 9:09 AM

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Graphic of the Day

posted by the timberlog at 9:45 AM

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Antoniuk to Montreal (via Vancouver)

posted by the timberlog at 4:20 PM

Graphic of the Day

* of course now that his signing seems to be more than a rumor we can count down the seconds 'till we all love Welton - 10, 9, 8, 7, ...

posted by the timberlog at 2:20 PM

Question of the Day

Who is this and why is someone searching the timberlog for him?

posted by the timberlog at 1:41 PM

Friday, March 24, 2006

Timbers Partner with OYSA

The Timbers have announced a new partnership with the Oregon Youth Soccer Association (OYSA).

When the timberlog asked Chris about youth soccer in Oregon back in January, he had this to say:

...the market in Portland is much more mature in development than Utah.  This presents new challenges that I will look at.  I will carefully assess where we can step in and develop the local market.  As the professional team, it is our obligation to do this for the game.

[from the press release]

The new agreement includes several cross-promotional components, such as field usage at PGE Park, coaching and administrative assistance, and additional marketing elements to further foster the development of soccer in the state.

"Partnering with the OYSA on this scale will be invaluable to the Timbers," said Chris Agnello, head coach and general manager of the Timbers. "OYSA is the largest youth soccer institution in the state, and we look forward to working with the great people in their organization for many years to come."

posted by the timberlog at 3:00 PM

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Timbers sign Luke Kreamalmeyer

Luke Kreamalmeyer spent 2005 playing for Real Salt Lake where he played in 6 games (2 starts). Prior to that he played for the Chicago Fire Reserves and the St. Louis Strikers of the Premier Development League and played alongside Salim Bullen at Bradley U.

Salim Bullen said of his former Bradley teammate:

"...very good skillful player and a good finisher. He would be a
great commodity to the team. I am excited to be reunited with him and
hope that we have a good season together."

[from the press release]

Agnello - "Luke is an incredibly talented player who can start on the right or center of midfield. I had the pleasure of helping coach him at Real Salt Lake, and he is one of the fastest players I have ever seen come out of college."

"I'm looking forward to seeing Portland for the first time and getting a fresh start there," said Kreamalmeyer, who was named MVP of the 2005 MLS Player Combine. "I know coach (Chris) Agnello from my time at Real Salt Lake. He is someone who is determined to win, and I strongly believe I can help him accomplish that."

posted by the timberlog at 3:15 PM

Q and A with Drew McAthy

I was lucky enough to do a short Q and A with the Timbers recent signing Drew McAthy.

Drew played college soccer for UCSB and has played in the PDL and last year in the USL with the Puerto Rico Islanders.

1 How did the signing by the Timbers come about? In a recent interview with former Timbers GM Jim Taylor he said that the Timbers wanted to sign you before. Were you close to coming to Portland in 2005?

I was contacted by coach Agnello. I had also expressed to the Galaxy staff that I had a big interest in playing for the Timbers and I know the coach has a good relationship with them. I was considering the Timbers last year but, at the time, Puerto Rico seemed like a better for me, I learned that that wasn't quite the case.

2 What was playing for the Islanders last year like? You were playing on a team with 2 of the leagues leading scorers (Woolfolk and Salles), did that limit you playing time? Was that frustrating?

As I mentioned, Puerto Rico wasn't a great fit for me, but I did learn a lot from that experience. I was starting at the beginning of the year and playing well but I didn't score in the first few games. Then Salles and Woolfolk came on one game and just got hot. I didn't get much of a chance the rest of the season, just 10 min here and there. It was a bit frustrating for a while because they just wouldn't stop scoring, which limited my chances. But they both had a great year so they deserved it.

3 You've played college soccer. PDL and also USL Div 1, what are the main differences between the quality of the game?

The main difference is that USL Div. 1 has more physically mature players. All around, guys are just faster and stronger, so you cant get away with some of the same mistakes as you could in college or PDL.

4 Has Chris Agnello spoken to you about the role he wants you to play this year? If not, what role do you think plays best to your strengths as a player?

We haven't gotten too specific about my role but I know he is excited to bring me in. I believe I can be a presence up top with my size and work rate. I will also be dangerous in the box, I usually score my goals from inside the area.

5 Do you know any of your teammates this year or have you played against any of them?

I know a few of the guys. I was with Scot Thompson and Josh Saunders at Galaxy camp last year. I played with Tommy Poltl for the OC Blue Star as well. Im expecting it to be a nice transition.

6 You've said before that your goal is playing in MLS. Is that still true?

Of course. I very much want to play in the MLS. The Galaxy would be the ideal situation for me, but I just want to get a shot at the highest level of American soccer, wherever that may be.

7 This year the Timbers training camp opens a month from the start of the season and the only preseason games announced are against local college sides. What's your view on the best kind of pre-season training? Is a month enough? Does playing against MLS sides or other USL sides for example prepare a player better for the season?

A month may seem a bit short but Coach Agnello is very experienced and will have us ready on April 22nd. The important thing is that we get games. I don't know if it necessarily matters who we play. The college teams will provide strong enough competition for us to see what we need to work on. Also, coach just got the job a couple months ago so I am sure he did the best with the time he was given.

8 Can you give a flavor of how it is for a college player turning pro in the US. How difficult is it to keep your eyes on a goal (playing for MLS for example) and how is it financially for a young player playing in the USL.

It is obviously not as easy financially as the other sports in the country, but to be able to play at such a high level is an opportunity that not may Americans had 10 years ago. Guys like me do typically take jobs in the off-season. For example, I have been doing some real estate work down in Southern California, but I am more than ever ready to start playing in a professional atmosphere again. It isn't too frustrating because I know that If I score some goals this year, then I will get a shot at the next level.

9 Having played in the USL last year which teams and which players impressed you most?

I don't really remember any players in particular from last year. Salles, on my team, scored several of the best goals I have seen in person, but there are many good players throughout the league. The two teams that we had the most trouble against were Montreal and Vancouver. However, almost every game in league is close, I don't think that there are any really big mismatches.

10 What are your thoughts about playing in Portland this year?

I am very excited to be in Portland this year. I believe that the Timbers provide just the stepping stone I need to jump start my pro career and establish my goal of playing in the MLS. However, the most important thing for 2006 is that we capture a USL D 1 title, which I believe we are very capable of.

posted by the timberlog at 11:25 AM

Back to other stuff...

Brent Sancho scores on his return to the Gills side as they beat Brentford 3-2 to boost their League 1 survival hopes.

SocaWarriors may get "official" WC anthem courtesy of 2 Leeds-based musicians

Socawarriors partner with eBay for WC2006

[and continuing on a T&T run the rumor has it that Terry Fenwick (current coach of T&T club Joe Public) will be the new national team coach after the WC]

posted by the timberlog at 11:12 AM

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Agnello (38 years of age on March 28) in the Tribune:

On Kenny Bertz - "I don't need him. We've got too many good players in the back"

On rebuilding from the back -
"It's an entirely different game when you're down 1-0. When you go down early you're in trouble, you have to play a different way than you want to, you have to go forward and with as many numbers as you can push up, and that leaves holes in the back, and then teams will punish you.

posted by the timberlog at 10:56 AM

Monday, March 20, 2006

Do they give out comp tickets to an anti-war rally?

posted by the timberlog at 8:40 PM

Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar Returns

The return of Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar (announced today) is big news for the Timbers.

Going on the stats alone, detailed in the Timbers press release*, - career leader in assists (39), 12 last season alone, along with 1 goal, Hugo's return is a major coup for Chris Agnello. Add to that the fact that he is arguably the Timbers most entertaining player to watch, and an ambassador for the Timbers in the Hispanic community and the news of his signing must be the biggest news of this pre-season.

[archive interview with Hugo from 2002]

* including the fact that Hugo ranks third in fouls (154) for the Timbers...nice to see the Timbers mighty press machine presenting the stats as they come!

posted by the timberlog at 8:25 PM

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Posted over at talktimbers.com the Timbers pre-season schedule.

Seattle University Sat April 1st 11:10 AM U of P

University of Washington Sat April 1st 12:20 PM U of P

Oregon State University Wed April 12th 3:00 PM OSU stadium

University of Portland Sat April 15th 2:00 PM U of P

Oregon State University Sat April 29th 3:00 PM Tualatin Hills Rec.

[timbers press release]

posted by the timberlog at 3:09 PM

PDX Sports Beat

Not sure who "Malcolm Woody" is, but his blog PDX Sports Beat featured a piece about the Timbers recently that points to at the very least being a fairly well informed fan. A few interesting views about Miranda, Alcaraz-Cuellar and Alvarez; last year's team and current contract negotiations and then he posits this potential nightmare scenario:

It's probably also worth noting that Hugo spends his off seasons in Seattle where he has reportedly purchased a home recently. It's hard to imagine the league leader in assists playing for Portland's arch enemy, but it wouldn't be the first time that points north proved more alluring than P-Town - parish (sic) the thought.

posted by the timberlog at 12:42 PM

Umbro up share in USL

USLSoccer.com reports that UK-based sportsware company Umbro have upped their shareholding in the USL from 64 to 94% (the remaining 6% of shares being held by USL founder and President Francisco Marcos.

posted by the timberlog at 11:23 AM

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tribune - Look for the Timbers to schedule an English Premier League team for a match at PGE Park this season.

posted by the timberlog at 10:00 AM

Monday, March 13, 2006

Timbers Roster Stretches to 10

The Timbers have officially announced the signing of former LA Galaxy reserve Michael Nsien and the re-signing of Lee Morrison and Tom Poltl.

[from the press release]
"Nsien is a strong, steady player, and his signing definitely makes us quicker in the back," said Chris Agnello, head coach and general manager of the Timbers. "Morrison brings strength and experience to the squad, and I'm very excited about what Tom Poltl can do on and off the field."

posted by the timberlog at 3:35 PM

Part II of the 107Report timberscast concluded the interview with former Timbers GM Jim Taylor (won't bother saying essential listening again as it's superfluous)

Jim (who is back in the Trailblazers org) spoke emotionally of Bobby Howe and had tons of interesting things to say, but one thing to highlight was his mention of bringing in MLS players. Jim said that the difficulty he had was convincing MLS sides to allow season-long loans and said that bringing in players just for the playoffs or part of the season caused continuity problems and in some cases affected the atmosphere in the locker room. A potential problem coach/GM Agnello will have to deal with.

posted by the timberlog at 10:11 AM

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Another outstanding 107Report is online with part I of a II part interview with former Timbers GM Jim Taylor. Interesting not only for Timbers fans, but those interested in the USL, sports management, the Civic Stadium/PGE Park transition and soccer in the US in general...plus it's a reminder of how lucky we were to have Jim as a GM in his time with the club.

posted by the timberlog at 12:56 PM

Friday, March 10, 2006


People (OK, just the ones in my head) are always asking me..."timberlog, what are your predictions for the coming year?". After careful consideration I predict that...

1 Some clever person will make their own Timbers TV commercial (or TA commercial) and stick it on youtube, vimeo etc.

2 Someone somewhere will complain about "...too many substitutions"!

3 Chants, banners etc. based on a certain Bullen cousin's first name will get a letter written to the Oregonian from a "concerned" parent from Lake Oswego.

4 Roberto gets a headache trying to replace Winters and Benedetti in his pantheon of humor.

5 A deal Coach Agnello made in the Beehive State comes back to haunt him and his "Utah connections" result in the LDS church trying to purchase PGE Park and the Timbers.

6 Salary cutbacks will result in players working the concession stands at half-time.

7 The 107Report's expanding team of crack reporters start to run on field at end of games with big mics and long leads to interview players.

8 Ax to the Head goes glossy/full color, starts taking on advertising, becomes Portland media powerhouse etc.

9 Losing 1-0 in the final minute the "fastest in our league" team will attempt to beat the opposing side with a "team sprint" decider. Not since the feral cat race has so much speed been assembled at PGE Park.

10 September comes and goes with no official word on the "ownership saga". The Timbers end up being brought by Santa Fe based "Blue Sky Soda Company". The "Portland All-Natural-Green-Tea-with-Ginsengs", as they become, find out their new kits have a "southwestern flavor". Roberto goes into hospital.

posted by the timberlog at 3:30 PM

Tribune - Team News

Typical Portland Tribune. Hardly a mention of the Timbers in months then a single article almost doubling our current knowledge!

Those highlights in full:
Lee Morrison - back
Tom Poltl - back
left back Michael Nsien - signed from LA
Anthony Noreiga - possible
Alan Gordon - possibility
Byron Alvarez, Hugo AC - "very, very good offers"
Byron Carmichael former Blizz forward - likely

Troy Ready - "
could contribute immediately"
Brian Winters, Scott Benedetti, Fadi Afash - Won't return
Edwin Miranda - looking elsewhere
Shawn Saunders - "wasn’t exactly what we are looking for."

Agnello -
"we’ll be an incredibly fast team — one of the fastest, if not the fastest team, in our league."

Even ignoring the "possibles" and "maybes" and that's a whole loada news.

posted by the timberlog at 10:48 AM

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wilkinson Officially Named Assistant Coach

Gavin Wilkinson was officially named Timbers assistant coach today.

[from the press release]

"Gavin creates a nice link between last year's squad and what we are doing this year," said Chris Agnello, head coach and general manager of the Timbers. "His ambition, energy and passion for the game will be a valuable asset to the Timbers and to the soccer community."

posted by the timberlog at 12:46 PM

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

File in the "not-Timbers-related" pile, but two people who gave more than they took have passed away in recent days.

Ivor Cutler - Jan 15 1923 - Mar 3 2006

Ali Farka Toure


A bunch of hens were kicking a ball desultorily around
the yard. We've got a game this Saturday, clucked a
large white, offhandedly, as though she played football
six days a week. Hens know better than to play on the
sabbath day. I grabbed the striker for lunch before it's
muscles got too tough to eat and left the yard before
the hens jumped me. I'd never seen so much naked
aggression in my life - not from hens.

Ivor Cutler from A Wet Handle (1996)

posted by the timberlog at 9:34 AM

Monday, March 06, 2006


Not content with just attending trials over the winter months, Timbers' Scot Thompson has been putting pen to paper once more. Hold Tight Poetry Lovers!


Television the median

For exposing the media

To the masses of this time,

Work molded before my time

Moving like molasses

Created by an alternative mind

Expression . . . an internal battle like Manassas

To educate not manipulate the growing masses

By a means that will ultimately corrupt everlasting

So we choose, use the tool that dulls the senses to a worldly view

Or stay within our realm, a captain to its helm,

On a ship with so few passengers.

Sellout, succumb to the median to teach millions. Keep it real, knowing life is surreal and do not sign any deals for you soul. But teach no one, essentially allowing selfish pride to corrupt you anyway.

Life gives you the world

Life takes the world


[Scot Thompson 2006]

...and some companion music...the godlike Gil Scott (Scott with 2 Ts!) Heron - The Revolution Will Not be Televised

posted by the timberlog at 9:39 AM

Saturday, March 04, 2006

New 107Report

Another excellent 107 Report, which is quickly becoming an invaluable resource for Timbers fans, including a revealing interview with Coach Agnello.

The interesting thing here is that the new players signed (and the other 2 mentioned by name-Troy Ready who Agnello enthused over and Arni Ingi Pjetursson) are regarded by Agnello as back-ups and players who will be playing to make their way into a starting 11. The intimation being that the "big names" are yet to be signed/announced. He's talking to MLS clubs about MLS players.

The other interesting thing is Agnello appears to be a tough (or realistic) bargainer. He's basically saying to (last years) players that he can get an average or no-name player to play well so he won't be held to ransom by players holding out on contract offers.

It's a must listen for anyone interested in the direction the club is taking this year.

posted by the timberlog at 9:39 PM

Friday, March 03, 2006

Timbers Sign Four

...and of course after the previous post comes this:

Timbers Sign Four:

Drew McAthy - UC-Santa Barbara, Cape Cod Crusaders and Orange County Blue Star
Salim Bullen
Oral Bullen
Jacobi Goodfellow - Barry University, Hampton Roads Mariners, Wilmington Hammerheads, Utah Blitzz

posted by the timberlog at 2:45 PM

How to Sign a Player in 5 Easy Steps

A few questions have been raised about why player announcements by a club might be a long time coming, so I talked to Steven Thompson, Director of Professional League Operations at the USL and asked him to outline in general terms the process between a club offering a player a contract and the official announcement.

The basic steps are these:

1 After a team has negotiated with a player and a contract has been signed, the paperwork is sent overnight to the USL.

2 The USL has to approve, sign off and send the contract paperwork back to the club. They also send a copy to USSoccer.

3 Once USSoccer has approved and signed off, the player signing is official and the team can announce if they want. Until then no one is supposed to release information about the "signing" (although sometimes news does leak out and "hands have to be slapped"!

4 Approval from USSoccer can take from 1-day (for a simple case of a US citizen who is a registered professional player) to anywhere from 1-week to a month (if the player is a foreign national or if there are other complicating factors)

5 After this it's up to the club and the USL follow the club's lead. Some clubs may release the news immediately a player becomes "officially signed", others may wait. One example is where a club is negotiating with maybe 3 or 4 players at one time and it's taking one player longer to get the OK. The club may elect to wait for the whole group of players to get the OK before issuing a press release.

posted by the timberlog at 2:27 PM

"Look at me Coach Agnello, look at me!"

As Bob points out, this Saturday is the Timbers Open Try-Out at PGE Park where basically anyone can try and catch the eye of Coach Agnello.

Two things that pop into my mind are:

1 The "heartwarming" story of former Timbers defender Keith Costigan who back in 2001 was "...discovered in open try-outs, chucked his worldly possessions in a U-Haul and drove up from college digs in Bakersfield to join the team."

2 One of the few players who impressed me back in 2001, Indian-born Ranvir Singh, who has his own corner of the interweb detailing his career since then. (Try out for the MetroStars, Nicaragua first div., training with the Indian National team, now plays for the Chico Rooks.)

posted by the timberlog at 10:33 AM

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New USL Suspension System

As mentioned a couple of weeks back the USL is following the same suspension system as MLS for the 2006 season.

Players reaching 5, 8, 11, 14 etc cautions will receive suspensions (1 game) and those suspensions come into effect on the 7th day after the relevant caution accumulations were received.

posted by the timberlog at 8:10 PM

Josh Saunders Returns - Official

The Timbers have officially announced that keeper Josh Saunders is returning for the 2006 on loan from the LA Galaxy for the 4th year.

[from the press release]

"My plan of building from the back continues," said Chris Agnello, head coach and general manager of the Timbers. "I'm very happy that, in Josh, we'll have one of the best goalkeepers in the league returning to our team."

posted by the timberlog at 4:03 PM

Stand Up for Dem!

Of course just as important as the skills on show in the various stadia in Germany this summer are the skills on show in the various World Cup themed songs.

As one would expect Trinidad and Tobego (who are probably only second to Jamaica in the speed and amount of releases commenting on current events) lead the pack with numerous songs about the Socawarriors.

For example, here's Bunji Garlin with Stand Up for Dem.

"It's the socawarriors, all the rest is jokerwarriors" indeed!

posted by the timberlog at 3:48 PM

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6/18 Rochester (H)
6/30 Montreal (H)
7/2 Vancouver (H)
7/8 Seattle (A)
7/9 Vancouver (A)
7/14 Vancouver (H)
8/5 Minnesota (H)
8/7 Seattle (H)
8/10 Montreal (A)
8/13 Minnesota (A)
8/20 Seattle (H)
8/27 Charleston (A)
8/28 Atlanta (A)
9/2 Virginia Beach (A)
9/3 Richmond (A)
9/8 Atlanta (H)
9/10 Richmond (H)

[timberlog 2004]

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a-league attendance

2004 disciplinary points

2004 player diary

[Fixtures 2004]

5/1 Seattle (H)
5/13 Calgary (H)
5/15 Seattle (A)
5/23 Vancouver (A)
5/29 Milwaukee (H)
6/4 Charleston (A)
6/5 Atlanta (A)
6/10 Edmonton (H)
6/12 Vancouver (H)
6/17 Rochester (H)
6/22 Minnesota (A)
6/23 Milwaukee (A)
7/2 Vancouver (H)
7/8 Edmonton (H)
7/16 Vancouver (A)
7/17 Seattle (A)
7/24 Seattle (H)
7/28 Calgary (A)
7/29 Edmonton (A)
7/31 Milwaukee (A)
8/5 Minnesota (H)
8/7 Edmonton (A)
8/8 Calgary (A)
8/12 Calgary (H)
8/14 Minnesota (A)
8/19 Puerto Rico (H)
8/27 Minnesota (H)
8/29 Milwaukee (H)

[timberlog 2003]

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a-league attendance

2003 disciplinary points

[Fixtures 2003]

5/1 Seattle (H)
5/2 Seattle (A)
5/11 Vancouver (A)
5/12 Calgary (A)
5/14 Calgary (H)
5/18 Seattle (A)
5/25 Calgary (A)
5/27 Minnesota (H)
5/29 Vancouver (H)
6/7 El Paso (A)
6/8 Milwaukee (A)
6/12 Vancouver (H)
6/27 Calgary (H)
6/29 Calgary (A)
7/1 Vancouver (A)
7/3 Vancouver (H)
7/11 El Paso (H)
7/13 Milwaukee (H)
7/23 Cincinnati (A)
7/25 Minnesota (A)
7/27 Calgary (H)
8/9 Seattle (H)
8/10 Seattle (A)
8/15 Indiana (H)
8/17 Vancouver (A)
8/18 Seattle (H)
8/23 El Paso (A)
8/29 El Paso (H)

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