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Friday, September 30, 2005

Scot Thompson Update

An update on the Timbers very own Scot Thompson's Sunderland trial: According to Scot the trial went well, but he was told he would probably be a better fit in the Championship. The trial did however open some other doors and Scot thinks he will be training at another club sometime soon.

So now you know.

posted by the timberlog at 2:51 PM

Thursday, September 29, 2005

A change is gonna come...oh yes it will.

So, I return from a short trip away, all geared-up for the USL First Division final at PGE Park this weekend and THIS is what I find!!!

Oh well, that's been the story of the Timbers since their return to this fair city, always "nearly the bridesmaid, but rejected because they don't quite fit into the wedding planners vision - never the bride".

Still, could be an interesting winter with this intimation of ch-ch-ch-ch-changes in the Timbers organization and the prospect of a "freewheeling offseason" according to Jim Taylor.

Some reflections on the 2005 season coming up...along with the usual timberlog fall picture of a conker! In the meantime you can always read the musings of this particular Timbers fan (and feel inadequate too as he fits what seems like 30 hours into a 24 hour day!)

posted by the timberlog at 9:33 AM

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

2005 Final Disciplinary Points

The by now traditional timberlog disciplinary points totals, or as we like to call it "Who's a naughty team/boy then?", are in and this year the "bad team" award goes to...well, a number of teams who, truth be told, are too close to separate.

Atlanta (243 points, 3 red cards), Toronto (243, 5), Rochester (242, 4) and of course Puerto Rico (230, 10 red cards).

The "good team" this year goes to Vancouver who in their 28 games picked up only 131 points on only 28 yellow cards and 1 red.

posted by the timberlog at 2:40 PM

Hugo - USL 2005 Assist Leader

The Timbers Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar has won the USL 2005 assist leader award with his 12 this year, twice as many as the second place players.

Timbers players also made the final USL Team of the Week; Scot Thompson, Edwin Miranda and Dan Antoniuk, who was also named player of the week for his 4 goals in Portland's last 2 games.

posted by the timberlog at 2:25 PM

Monday, September 12, 2005

Final USL Attendance Figures

The final USL Div 1 attendance figures are in.

posted by the timberlog at 11:28 AM

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Playoff Bound: Portland 3 - 0 Richmond

The Portland Timbers made the USL Div 1 playoffs last night with an emotional 3-0 win over the Richmond Kickers.

Goals from Scot Thompson (a header from an Edwin Miranda free-kick), Dan Antoniuk (header from a Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar cross and Byron Alvarez (another header again from a Hugo cross) gave the Timbers the win in front of an announced crowd of 7,858.

The win gave Portland the 5th playoff spot and sets up a home and away playoff series against Seattle.

The first game of that series is at PGE Park on Fri Sept 16th and tickets are on sale now.

Tickets begin at $12 and can be purchased from Ticketmaster. Groups of 15 or more are encouraged to call the Timbers ticket office at (503) 553-5555 for discounted tickets.

The second leg will take place at the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila, Wash., on Sunday, Sept. 18, at 7 p.m.

The winner will play the top-seeded and defending champions Montreal in the semi-final.

A great match from the starters-pistol.

On 2' Tom Poltl (playing on the left side of midfield) tried to get a 1-2 going with Antoniuk, Richmond keeper Pascale getting to the ball first. At the other (MAC) end Joey Worthen cut inside and hit the post, the ball cleared for a corner. Then back to the shed end as Byron Alvarez scooped a header wide from Edwin Miranda's cross. All in the first 5 minutes.

On 9' Dan Antoniuk volleyed just wide from Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar's pull back and on 12' Richmond forward Delicate shot wide.

on 15' Lee Morrison's header was over the bar from Hugo's corner on the right and on 20' Josh Saunders had to save from Nti's 25 yd strike. Real end-to-end stuff. Miranda into Alvarez and his shot on the spinning turn was deflected away for a corner.

On 22' Garrett Marcum was put in down the right, but was called offside...he put the ball into the net for practice anyway.

Sloppy play by Morrison and Lines on 24' gave Richmond a deep throw on their right and from the resulting attack Nti shot wide wildly (Not the last time a Richmond player would shoot off-target tonight!)

Miranda's 30 yd drive was saved on 26' and on 29' after Lines slipped, O'Toole's cross was headed across goal by Cephas.

Real danger for the Timbers on 32' as Marcum committed himself allowing Worthen in, but he was ushered wide and the ball went away for a corner.

On 35', after a foul on Antoniuk, Scot Thompson sent a glancing header past Pascale from Miranda's free kick from 35 yds out on the left. 1-0 Portland!

Marcum's foul (and yellow) on Worthen on 38' gave the Kickers a good chance about 25 yds out on the left side of the box, but O'Toole's kick was over.

Saunders had to save from Worthen on 43' and as the half drew to a close Alvarez had one last pop at goal, running across the box, keeper Pascale saving.

1-0 Timbers at half-time.

The second half started with Hare getting a yellow for a push on Dizzy (he'd clattered into Josh Saunders just before half-time - good memory ref!)

Richmond came out fighting and the Timbers were reduced to getting bodies back early in the second half. Cephas shot over on 46' after Lines and Poltl took to long to clear and on 51' O'Toole to Cephas and his cross was headed back across goal by Delicate. A dangerous moment.

An unmarked Miranda almost got on the end of a Poltl cross on 54' and Byron headed over from Miranda's cross on 55'.

Great move on 57' as Edwin Miranda played a fantastic defence-splitting ball, but Alvarez hit the right post with his shot past Pascale!

Hare's header was across the face of Josh Saunders' goal on 58' and on 62' a nice snatch-and-grab by Marcum set up Alvarez to pull back to Alcaraz-Cuellar, but his shot was saved.

Richmond were now reduced to shooting from afar. Nti sliced wide on 68', Williams shot ending up on the corner flag a minute later and Worthen blasting high and wide from 25 yds on 70'

Miranda's (on target!) shot from 20yds after a nice head-down from Dizzy was saved on 72' and Byron Alvarez' shot was again saved after he got through a crowd of players in the box.

76' and Alvarez was offside receiving a ball from Poltl and the Timbers seemed to have regained their concentration and control of the game.

On 81' Byron-Dizzy-Miranda-Poltl free, but his shot was over when he was free and clear!

Then the killer blow. 84' and Byron found supporter's player of the season Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar and his cross was headed in by Antoniuk. 2-0 Timbers.

The celebrations could begin and there was more relief on 88' as again it was Hugo, this time stealing the ball on the right and crossing for Byron Alvarez to head past Pascale to make the final score:

Timbers 3 - 0 Kickers.

posted by the timberlog at 2:23 PM

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Crunch Time: Timbers v Richmond Tonight

The Portland Timbers play the Richmond Kickers tonight at PGE Park in their final game in the USL 1st Division regular season. A win will take them into the playoffs and with the Puerto Rico Islanders winning last night and looking likely to repeat that on Sunday when they play the Toronto Lynx again it's a virtual must-win situation for the Timbers.

KO 7pm. Be There.

posted by the timberlog at 9:18 AM

Friday, September 09, 2005

Everything's All-Right: Portland 6 - 1 Atlanta

What could have turned out a nightmare both on and off the pitch ended up being yet another amazing night at PGE Park as (almost) everyone came out winners.

The Timbers made another step towards the playoffs with a 6-1 win (eliminating both Atlanta and Minnesota in the process) and now only Puerto Rico can catch them. A win on Saturday against Richmond at PGE Park and Portland are assured of a place, anything but a win in Puerto Rico tonight for the Islanders and the Timbers are in regardless.

The denizens of 107 made their point and then some, section 107 being left almost deserted until the 75th minute, but still making themselves heard in groups all around the field (quite effective that!)

The only "losers" on the night were PGE Park security and police to whom the phrase "headless chickens" could be applied as it became clear that their particular duty on this night was unenforceable and mostly unneeded.

The game started in an unsure manner (both on and off the pitch...OK I'll stop using that phrase now!) with Millwood for Atlanta showing his worrying speed down the left and Edwin Miranda having the first shot (over from 25yds) on 7'

Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar's free kick on 8' was around the Silverbacks wall but straight into keeper Barton's arms.

Dan Antoniuk tried to spin away from DeLima on 12' (a move that would profit him later) only to see Alex Yi cover.

On 15' Antoniuk (who really seemed to come of age in this game) stole the ball deep, played a 1-2 with Conway, but volleyed wide from the return.

The Timbers began to ratchet the screws with Morrison volleying wide on 17' and Antoniuk getting his head on Miranda's cross with Barton out of position, the Silverbacks clearing the danger.

Danger at the Timbers end on 24', but del la Torre's ball to Dawkins found him offside.

A nice overlapping move on 29' as Antoniuk put Alcaraz-Cuellar in for the cross and a minute later Dizzy headed just too high from Miranda's cross.

All Timbers pressure now with Hugo's high overhead lob pushed behind by Barton, Goldthwaite's cross across the face of goal and Lines' shot saved after a nice chest down by Conway on 38'

Then the goal. Thompson's ball down the center, a great turn and Antoniuk blasted past Barton. Clinical. And just in time for the playoffs.

Miranda's shot from 20 yds was saved by a diving Barton on 44' and then just before half time Paul Conway, attempting to roll around a defender, shot into the side netting, but fell on his right elbow. Paul walked gingerly from the field and was later taken away in an ambulance with a dislocated elbow.

With Byron Alvarez replacing Conway the second half started and would see a further 5 goals from the Timbers.

On 50' Antoniuk tried a 30 yd lob over Barton and on 51' a breakaway saw Byron Alvarez' shot slide under Barton and cross the line just before Millwood could clear. 2 - 0 Portland.

The Silverbacks got a goal back on 57' when Pineda-Chacon was left alone and finished Rios' cross from the right. Edwin Miranda picked up a yellow in the resulting melee as Atlanta tried to retrieve the ball for a quick restart.

With fast Atlanta sub Stone causing problems, Josh Saunders had to make a save from Millwood on 63' and at the other end Barton saved Miranda's chance from about 10yds.

On 72' it was 3-1 as Dan Antoniuk put away a rebound as Byron Alvarez' shot was blocked by Barton (or was it a pass with the outside of his foot...couldn't really tell. The goal was credited as UA anyway).

Number 4 on 77' as Miranda followed up his own blocked shot to beat Barton.

A red card for Atlanta's Stone on 83' as it looked like Scot Thompson would be running from deep midfield right into the box to score before he was pulled down just outside the box. (Byron's free-kick was too high).

Obviously the Timbers confidence was sky high (with even Brain Winters trying a little fancy back-heel!!!) and on 88' Edwin Miranda scored again with his shot from 20yds looking like it was deflected past Barton.

Antoniuk finished the night in fine style, grabbing his hat-trick on 90', striking Byron Alvarez' cross through a crowd of players for his 12th of the season and to make the final score 6 - 1.

I won't mention the cannon, but let's just say, the memory is etched in my brain 'till my dying day.

posted by the timberlog at 11:20 AM

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Timbers v Silverbacks Tonight

Tonight the Timbers host the Atlanta Silverbacks at PGE Park in a crucial game for both teams as they vie for the 6th and final playoff spot. Portland will be without Gavin Wilkinson, suspended after his red card in Richmond. Atlanta's Jamaican International Fabian Dawkins has 12 goals this year and sits just behind the Whitecaps Jason Jordan in the USL overall points table.

KO 7pm

Disciplinary stats updated and lovingly presented for your perusal here.

posted by the timberlog at 8:53 AM

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Very nice encapsulation of the past couple of week's events over at the True Fan.

Disciplinary stuff updated for those interested.

Portland sports photographer's pictures of Timbers v Sounders.

posted by the timberlog at 4:32 PM

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Islanders 2 - 0 Sounders

Puerto Rico picked up 3 points tonight moving them into 8th place in the USL 1st Division, a point behind the Timbers. The win ensures that Portland's playoff hopes will not be decided on Thursday, but will run into the weekend and their final game.

posted by the timberlog at 9:50 PM

Timbers Enter Final Week

Atlanta v Portland at PGE Park - Thurs Sep 8th at 7pm
Richmond v Portland at PGE Park - Sat Sep 10th at 7pm

The Portland Timbers enter the final week of the regular season with 2 games at PGE Park remaining. Currently sitting in the 6th and final playoff spot, the final week will decide whether Portland, Atlanta, Minnesota or Puerto Rico join the other 5 teams already guaranteed playoff spots.

The week's first milestone is tonight with Seattle playing in Puerto Rico. If Puerto Rico lose then a win by the Timbers on Thursday against Atlanta would give them a playoff spot. A draw or win tonight for the Islanders and their last 2 games, both at home, both against the bottom team the Toronto Lynx become crucial.

A win by the Timbers on Thursday puts both Atlanta (their opponents) and Minnesota out of the running. A draw or loss puts the spotlight on the Atlanta v Minnesota and the final Timbers game against Richmond both on Saturday.

If the Islanders win their remaining 3 games then the Timbers will need 2 wins in their final 2 games to top Puerto Rico's late charge.

Add in a what seems like turning into a partial boycott* of section 107 and Thursday night at PGE Park is turning into a "don't miss" game.

* In the proverbial nutshell: Appeal by Timbers GM Jim Taylor to eliminate chants that include swearing ahead of the Aug 20th Oregon Youth Soccer Association night at PGE Park, followed by Oregonian article by Abby Height, followed by over-the-top AP story about fans "screaming obscenities", followed by heated discussion at talktimbers.com about said article, followed by discussion of motives of the person quoted in Abby Height's story, followed by discussion of possible responses to the feeling that there is lack of respect by management for the core supporters in section 107, followed by the threat of police/PGE Park security ejecting people who take part in said chants, followed by letters from Timbers supporters complaining about article, followed by...

The timberlog's tuppencew'th is that with the shortcomings on the pitch this year, obvious problems with team funding, disappointing attendance figures and an ownership saga that at present looks like dragging on right until the Jan 1st 2006 deadline that the City of Portland has put on the PCL ownership of the Beavers and Timbers, the last group that you should be alienating is the one that has brought you free publicity (by far outweighing the negative), probably been the only area where attendance has increased** (including important season tickets sales) and has turned the Portland Timbers into "not just another sports franchise".

...but what do I know...etc etc.

** for the record season ticket sales are the only positive area this year so far - a +20% change on 2004, while overall tickets sold and turnstile are down about 7%. [USL games only]

posted by the timberlog at 9:40 AM

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Timbers at Richmond

Half Time: 0 - 0

Full Time: 1 - 1

Dan Antoniuk for Portland, Richmond equilize in the 88th minute.

Gavin Wilkinson red card.

posted by the timberlog at 5:01 PM

Timbers Start Final Week on Wrong Foot

The Portland Timbers lost 2-0 against the Virginia Beach Mariners last night leaving only 3 regular season games (all against teams fighting for their own place in the USL playoffs) to reach 6th place or above in the 1st division.

Darren Caskey ended up with 2 assists as Jakob Fenger and Steve Shak scored for the Mariners. Just as worrying for the Timbers was the fact that the team will be without Edwin Miranda, Tom Poltl and Paul Conway for tonight's game in Richmond, Miranda and Poltl each going over 21 disciplinary points with yellows last night and Conway getting a red card.

With tonight's game and fellow playoff chasers Charleston and Atlanta playing tomorrow the playoff picture going into the final week will be clearer.

Stay Tuned for an interesting final week!

posted by the timberlog at 1:49 PM

Friday, September 02, 2005

Timbers Enter Final Four Regular Season Games

The Timbers enter their last 4 regular season games tonight with a visit to Virginia Beach closely followed tomorrow with a game in Richmond. The Timbers then return for 2 games at PGE Park on Thurs and Sat (9/8 and 9/10) against Atlanta and Richmond.

Dan Antoniuk will miss tonight's game due to a red card suspension and according to today's O there are 4 players in total a yellow away from a one-game suspension - Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar, Tom Poltl, Edwin Miranda and Shaun Higgins. Note: I haven't been able to update my player suspension points stats recently due to a lack of data!

posted by the timberlog at 9:48 AM

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