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Sunday, September 30, 2001

Media! Fresh Roasted Media!
'CATS/Hershey clinches series
Hershey shuts down Portland to reach semis
Timbers out of playoffs

posted by the timberlog at 11:34 AM

Saturday, September 29, 2001

Game Over: Hershey 1 - 0 Timbers

Both Portland and Hershey started the same teams that played at PGE Park on Thursday with the exception of Doug Miller in place of the suspended Evans for the Wildcats. The game started with a couple of early soft shots for Hershey and then some good pressure by the Timbers. Jeff Clarke won a corner for the Timbers on 13' and Matt Chulis' cross on 17' was cleared with Howes coming in for the header. Greg Howes turned and shot wide on 20', but it was the Wildcats that would catch the Timbers defence twice on the break with the Timbers looking to attack. On 21' Sancho's tackle on Feniger breaking away gave the Wildcats the penalty. Miller stepped up and Matt Napoleon pulled off the save to keep the scores level. Some more good pressure by Chulis coming forward, but on 27' another break and cross found Feniger in front of goal and he beat Napoleon to make the score 1 - 0 Hershey. With Hershey pressurizing the Timbers attack and stifling any chances and both Costigan and O'Neill picking up yellows, the Wildcats looked to increase their lead. On 39' more pressure as Feniger's cross found Roberto unmarked, but his touch was wide and on 45' Feniger was on target after another Wildcats break, but Napoleon saved. The half ended with Brent Sancho getting a yellow and Jeff Clarke getting the red for a strong challenge on Marinos to end a sorry half for the Timbers.

The Timbers brought on Tony McPeak for Greg Howes at the start of the second half, but with the Timbers still not getting enough players forward and the Wildcats putting the squeeze on all over the field it was an uphill battle. On 62' Mark Baena turned and shot just wide and with both teams making substitutions (Ochoa on for Winters, Sawatzky on for Baena, Tolstolutsky on for Chulis, Lewis on for O'Neill and Hershey swapping keeper Busch for Petronis) the game drifted towards the end of the Timbers season. On 85' Costigan brought out a good save from Petronis from the edge of the box after a cleared corner, and Lewis got a shot on target as time ran out, but the Timbers were to beaten again by the Wildcats.

Game Over.

posted by the timberlog at 5:19 PM

Friday, September 28, 2001

Hershey match report posted
The Timbers sure have a tough game ahead on Saturday. They have to do what no other team did throughout the regular season and that is score 3 goals at Hershey Park Stadium (or get 2 and hang on for penalties!). In fact only Charlotte have scored 2 goals in Hershey and the Wildcats have only lost twice at home all year! Looking back at yesterday's game the Timbers played some good possession soccer for most of the game and the sending off was indeed the turning point (along with the substitution of Matt Chulis IMO). I also hope that Michael O'Neill's yellow didn't result in a suspension for Saturday's game. More on that if I get any news.

posted by the timberlog at 7:37 PM

Thursday, September 27, 2001

Death By Chocolate: Timbers 0 - 2 Hershey

Well almost anyway! The Timbers will have to come back from a 2 goal deficit when they travel to Hershey this Saturday after conceding 2 goals in the last 20 minutes with a man advantage tonight at PGE Park.

After Steve Klein's cross across the face of goal, after getting to the goal-line, was hit over by Ze Roberto at the far post on 10' the Timbers were unable to capitalize on some good possession, passing the ball well in midfield, but with no penetration. In fact it was Hershey who almost got on the score sheet 5 minutes before half-time after forcing 3 corners in quick succession, Napoleon making the save of the game from Feniger's 20 yd shot. The teams went in at the half 0 - 0 and the Timbers must have been disappointed not to have turned the pressure into something concrete.
The second half started with shots by O'Neill (over) and Clarke (swinging in at Busch), but the pattern of the first continued with both teams defenses dealing with the final ball well and keeping chances down to a minimum. On 61' Greg Howes claimed a penalty after going down in the box under a challenge from Busch and another Hershey defender and then came the game's turning point. After Jeff Clarke went down, Chad Evans got involved in an incident that left Clarke holding his face. The referee seemed to initially award the yellow card, but after consultation with the linesman awarded the red. With the game becoming scrappier, the Timbers looking sloppy giving the ball away and Hershey imbued with that mystical yet paradoxical 10-man spirit, the Wildcats took the lead. Ze Roberto and recent substitute Doug Miller combined on 70' to find Doug Watson splitting the Timbers defense on a run from midfield and he put the ball past Napoleon's right hand and into the goal. 1 - 0 Wildcats. On 74' Darin Lewis replaced Matt Chulis, who had a good game at right-back, and with Hershey making a handful of changes themselves, the Timbers began to fall apart. Two of those substitutes combined on 84' to put the game beyond doubt. Mike Williams found Fred Degand who beat of the tackles of Sancho and then Wilkinson to beat Napoleon from just inside the box with a nice finish inside the right post. The Timbers were now tired and devoid of ideas and on 88' Roberto nearly made it 3 after Winters gave the ball away, but his shot was wide of the right post. The whistle went on a disappointing evening leaving the Timbers a mountain to climb to keep their playoff run alive.

The Timbers also picked up yellows for Wilkinson, Baena and O'Neill.

[full match report tomorrow]

posted by the timberlog at 10:12 PM

10 Questions with… Portland’s Scott Benedetti

USLsoccer.com – What is the quality most young players lack when they first turn pro?

Benedetti – A general understanding of the intangible aspects of the game, like creating space, when to play one touch and when to keep possession. These are things you pick up as you go along in your career.

Timbers tested tonight against Cats

"This is not a defensive game from our point of view," Howe said. "We will be looking to take the game to our opponent. We have to use the momentum we have coming in."

posted by the timberlog at 12:44 PM

Timbers Take On Hershey Tonight in Playoff Quarterfinal

[because we hate having negative news at the top of the page!]
Only one place to be tonight...PGE Park...7 pm to see the Portland Timbers play the Hershey Wildcats in the first leg of the A-League Quarterfinals. Be there or be a pariah in your neighborhood for evermore!

It turns out that Matt Napoleon and Hershey keeper Jon Busch are childhood friends, both having grown up playing in the same club and state youth teams in Pennsylvania.

"I know Jon well, and I can tell you that when he was younger he was an incredible goalie," said Napoleon.

Quotes of the article though to Mr. Sancho!

On Busch being voted to the all A-League first-team (both Napoleon and Sancho were voted into the second-team)

"Matt is outright the best...this is a shock"

Brent remembers playing against Busch when he was at Charleston.

"He is solid, but i'm not sure he's close to Napoleon"

posted by the timberlog at 10:10 AM

More on the story below this morning from the Oregonian after (at least) one of the TV news channels covered the story last night, KGW with a short interview with both Marshall Glickman and Mark Gardiner, both confirming that selling both the Beavers and the Timbers is a possible option, but having "no comment" on whether a buyer has been found yet. They also made it clear that their investment in PGE Park was always viewed as a long term one and that view remained the same. [Pissed me off though that KGW can spend time reporting a negative story about PGE Park, but can't find the same amount of time to mention the Timbers playoff run!!]

A couple of quotes from the Oregonian piece today - PGE Park Group May Sell Firm.

John Mangen, a spokesman for PFE's limited partners, said that selling PFE is under consideration, including the Portland Beavers Triple-A baseball team and Portland Timbers A-League soccer franchise.

The city would have to approve any sale of the teams, said Tim Grewe, the city's chief administrative officer. The teams would still play at PGE Park. And a new owner would have to comply with the terms of the existing contract, including making the required payments to the city.

All-in-all the article is more reassuring about the future of PGE Park and the Timbers, with all those involved having the opinion that PGE Park's success is important to them.

posted by the timberlog at 9:52 AM

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Beavers and Timbers Up For Sale?
Report in today's Willamette Week that the investors who own PFE are seeking to sell or restructure the company. A couple of quotes from the article:

Distressed with the continuing losses and the day-to-day management of PFE, the company's 13 limited partners have decided to take drastic steps.

The limited partners, who include car dealer Scott Thomason, Crown Pacific Lumber CEO Peter Stott and several other prominent Portlanders, are in the final stages of negotiations with potential investors, some of whom are based in New York. Insiders say the limited partners hope to have a deal wrapped up by Oct. 15.

Things have been seemingly brought to a head due to a long list of creditors owed money.

The most recent evidence of fiscal trouble comes from company documents obtained by WW. As of last week, the documents show, PFE owed vendors, suppliers and other creditors nearly $1.6 million--everyone from Barnaby the Clown ($75) to Qwest (more than $30,000).

Check out the whole article for more details.

posted by the timberlog at 10:16 AM

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

I read the news today...
Timbers try to chop down Hershey
Oregonian:Timbers open Hershey series at home Thursday
...also Tribune article today - Timbers alum Anderson recalls good ol' days

Willie Anderson reminisces about playing for Manchester United, Aston Villa, Cardiff City and the Timbers.
Talking after watching the Charlotte game:

"We had a lot more experience at the league level in England - and Pele was playing in our league here", he (Anderson) said. "But there's no money in soccer in this country now. This isn't a full-time job". "Still, these players are fitter than we were. They have better diet, better training - they're just better athletes"

posted by the timberlog at 10:10 AM

Monday, September 24, 2001

It's here! What is? Timberlog team sheet for Thursday's Quarterfinal, that's what!
Including more misinformation and inaccuracies than humanly possible. I tried not to mention chocolate...oh, how I tried...and I nearly made it too!

posted by the timberlog at 1:32 PM

Sunday, September 23, 2001

USL.com is confirming that the Timbers quarterfinal games will be as follows:

1ST LEG - THU 9/27 10:05PM ET @ POR - PGE Park
2ND LEG - SAT 9/29 7:35PM ET @ HER - Hershey Park

posted by the timberlog at 9:00 PM

Watching the Detectives
Charlotte Eagles Match Report
USL.com Report
Oregonian Report

Both really bring home the fact that (yet again) Matt Napoleon had another fantastic game.

I think also that the Eagles players, staff and fans (who's postings to the USLdiscussions board make them stand out as a nice bunch) all deserve 'nuff respect for their great first year in the A-League both on and off the field.

posted by the timberlog at 5:21 PM

So there I was, getting my daily sugar intake...you know, the usual...a couple of doughnuts from the great place on E. Burnside, an almond croissant or 3, a bag of See's Candy's Key Lime Truffles and then unwrapping my bar of Hershey's Special Dark I see this...spooky I know, but I think it bodes well for the quarterfinal.

posted by the timberlog at 3:36 PM

Saturday, September 22, 2001

Patient Timbers Triumph in Charlotte: Eagles 2 - 3 Timbers

The Timbers triumphed in Charlotte tonight as Michael O'Neill, Scott Benedetti and Greg Howes scored to ensure a quarterfinal place for the Timbers against the Hershey Wildcats. The Eagles dominated much of the game, but the patient Timbers weathered the storm and scored 2 goals late in the game as the Eagles pushed forward and brought on substitutes.

The Timbers, with Scott Benedetti, Jeff Clarke and Greg Howes back in the team and Neil Ryan keeping his central defender position, traveled to Charlotte looking to keep their 2 goal lead from the first leg and go into a quarterfinal tie with Hershey. Charlotte kept the same team except Coggins replaced Gomez.
After a back and forwards start to the game the first chance came to the Eagles on 10’ after an O’Neill foul gave Leib the free kick chance, his kick going just wide of the post and the diving Napoleon. Then on 15’ Dustin Swinehart got his 19th goal of the season with an assist from Jacob Coggins to put the Eagles up 1 – 0. The Eagles got another chance a minute later after Chulis’ challenge on Leib gave away the free kick at the edge of the Timbers box. Leib’s kick was high and with Charlotte looking the more urgent of the 2 teams the Timbers had to regain control. They did on 23’ after Benedetti’s cross was put away by Michael O’Neill to make the score 1 – 1 and restore the Timbers 2-goal advantage.
The Eagles won a free kick on 35’ after a Howes challenge (Parry receiving a yellow for dissent) and with the Eagles bringing on Joey Johnson for Coggins the free kick was set up. Parry’s kick found it’s way through to Johnson and with his first kick of the game he put the ball under Napoleon’s feet to make the score 2 – 1.
The Eagles really stepped up the pace now with Swinehart shooting just wide and Napoleon having to make the save and colliding with Norkus on 39’. They then forced 2 corners in quick succession with Napoleon again having to push away a Charlotte shot. With the Timbers looking a bit stronger in the final few minutes of the half, the whistle blew and the teams went in with the Eagles leading 2 – 1 (Timbers leading 3 – 2 aggregate score)

The Eagles came out in the second half on the attack again. Joey Johnson shot across the face of the goal on 47’ and with the Timbers not able to hold and control the ball the Timber’s aggregate lead looked precarious. For the next period of the game both sides were limited to long distance strikes (Howes for Portland and Garjardo for Charlotte) and the Eagles brought on Jeff Johnson for Norkus on 63’. Joey Johnson’s free kick on 67’ was headed wide by Swinehart and Keith Costigan picked up a yellow (time wasting?) on 68’. The Timbers won their first corner of the game on 69’ and the Eagles replaced Correa with Ben Johnson. Then with 10 minutes to go the Eagles crumbled and the Timbers hit twice to seal the game. Scott Benedetti took a quick free-kick from the edge of the box on 82’ past Adams’ right hand to make the score 2 – 2!! Benny! Benny! Benny! Greg Howes picked up a yellow on 84’ (time wasting?) and then less than a minute later scored, after turning on a Winters (radio) or Wilkinson (USL) shot, to make the score 3 – 2 to the Timbers! Howsey! Howsey! Howsey! After 4 minutes of injury time the final whistle went with the Timbers winning 3 – 2 (5 – 2 on aggregate)

posted by the timberlog at 5:44 PM

Friday, September 21, 2001

Charlotte match report finished!

posted by the timberlog at 8:59 PM

"Darin has Feet of Flames tonight!" - Mrs. timberlog

...with apologies to "The Lord of the Dance" Michael Flatley!!

posted by the timberlog at 12:53 PM

Thursday, September 20, 2001

Timbers Take 2 Goal Advantage into Second Leg: Timbers 2 - 0 Charlotte

The Timbers will travel to Charlotte on Saturday with a 2-goal cushion after first half goals from Darin Lewis and Mark Baena grounded the Eagles tonight at PGE Park. Darin Lewis scored his first Timbers goal after winning the corner that led to the goal on the left side of the box. The short corner to Sawatzky came back to O'Neill, his cross to the far post was hit back across the goal to Lewis by Baena and Darin volleyed home from 7 yds. The game was only 9 minutes old and it wasn't long until the Timbers increased their lead. On 19' Brian Winters coming forward played a great ball through to Mark Baena, a nice control with his chest and he beat off the attention of 2 Eagles defenders to beat Adams from inside the box. The crowd (att 4,771) then watched as the Timbers defence, missing Brent Sancho, held firm against some periods of Eagles pressure, denied Swinehart on the break and made up for the teams last meeting, the Timbers ending up 2 - 0 winners.

[full match report tomorrow...I hope...maybe Saturday!!]

Depleted Timbers win Game 1 - Oregonian report (with a nice picture on the front page of the paper's sports section)

posted by the timberlog at 10:26 PM

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Timbers v Charlotte Eagles: This Thursday 7.05 pm

Not only can you support the Timbers this Thursday, but you can also support N.W Medical Teams International and the Red Cross. Both organizations are involved in the aftermath of last week's attack's on the WTC and Washington D.C. and there will be donation stations set up at PGE Park to accept your support.

"The resources required to assist the victims of last week's terrorist attacks are staggering" said Jim Taylor, Timbers' general manager. "We wanted to provide an avenue for these groups to quickly raise some much-needed funds"

Thursday's game will also feature a color guard and a moment of silence dedicated to the victims. The moment of silence will be followed by the singing of a medley of American songs by Oregon State Police Officer Daniel Johnson. The Timbers have cancelled the "Thirsty Thursday" promotion out of respect to those killed or injured in the attacks.

Remember that if you have tickets for last week's cancelled game they will be valid for this game.

Oh, and there is also a timberlog team sheet

Can Eagles continue to soar past expectations? - USL.com match preview.

posted by the timberlog at 7:02 PM

Eagles look to heaven for an answer
USL.com article about how last week's events effected the Charlotte Eagles. Probably most interesting is how their overseas missions have given them some first-hand experience of the problems in the Middle East. Here is what the head coach Mark Steffens had to say:

...in light of the Eagles' own experiences in the Middle East, he joins the chorus of voices in the country urging no retaliation against Arab-Americans or Palestinians.

The Eagles, as part of their annual off-season mission trips abroad, visited the Gaza Strip several years ago. And the images of Palestinians celebrating the deaths of thousands of Americans in the terrorist attack is much different from what the team experienced, Steffens said.

"We were just treated royally," he said. "We met a lot of Palestinians and I think they are people of love. Every nation can have people who are hostile to one country or group or another. There's good and bad everywhere and we shouldn't be persecuting them."

Amen to that.

posted by the timberlog at 3:57 PM

Thursday, September 13, 2001

A-League playoffs re-scheduled
"We have decided to commence our playoffs after the one week postponement has concluded," stated Associate Commissioner David Askinas. "We believe it is an appropriate time for a resumption of normal activities.

"It will be high time to demonstrate to those that would destroy our way of life that we will not be cowed," Askinas added. "It is our strong belief that to give in to fear is the goal the terrorists so desperately desire."

The Timbers will play the Charlotte Eagles at PGE Park on Thursday 20th September, 7.05 pm. The return game will be played in Charlotte on Saturday 22nd September, 4.30 pm (pacific time).

posted by the timberlog at 9:34 AM

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

A-League Playoffs Postponed Indefinitely

posted by the timberlog at 12:56 PM

Monday, September 10, 2001

Suspension Update
Missing from Thursday's playoff game against the Charlotte Eagles will be Jeff Clarke, Scott Benedetti and Brent Sancho (who will also miss Saturday's game in Charlotte). Greg Howes' case is "under review". Update: Greg Howes will miss the first leg against Charlotte after his case was reviewed by the USL.
Jose Burciaga unfortunately is not available as he is travelling with the Kansas City Wizards to Peru to play Sporting Cristal in the Copa MercoNorte.

posted by the timberlog at 5:19 PM

Timbers wait for review
More about the suspension situation. A review by A-League officials today may leave the Timbers without Jeff Clarke, Brent Sancho, Scott Benedetti and Greg Howes.
"We won't know until the tapes are reviewed, but it doesn't appear to be a pretty picture for the first game," Timbers general manager Jim Taylor said.

PORTLAND 3, EL PASO 1 Five-point win clinches playoff spot

posted by the timberlog at 8:22 AM

Sunday, September 09, 2001

Since we were talking about yellow cards, red cards and suspension points (which we were) I thought it might be interesting to look at how the Timbers disciplinary record compares with other A-League clubs this year.
Before this last week's games the Timbers had 234 points which is 9th overall (21 teams total). The teams with the worst records are Connecticut (279), El Paso (270), Long Island and Milwaukee (265). The teams with the best records are Vancouver (131), Charlotte (148), Toronto and Hershey (177).

When it comes to fines (an indication of teams suspensions) the worst teams are Long Island ($1,700), Pittsburgh and Connecticut ($1,500). The best teams Charlotte ($0), Nashville ($300), Hershey and Atlanta ($400). (Timbers 14th)
Note: Charlotte broke their perfect record last week with a couple of suspensions but are still (along with Vancouver) the best behaved club!

posted by the timberlog at 6:37 PM

Saturday, September 08, 2001

Timbers Take On the Charlotte Eagles in the A-League Playoff First Round

The Timbers, in their first year as an A-League side, will play the Charlotte Eagles in the first round of the 2001 A-League playoffs.
The first round is 2-legs home/away.
Game #1 will be played Thursday, September 13 in PGE Park, kick-off is set for 7:05 p.m.
Game #2 will be played in Charlotte on Saturday, September 15, kick-off is 4:30 PDT.
The first round game will be decided by 1) aggregate score, 2) two fifteen-minute golden-goal overtime periods, or 3) FIFA penalty kicks. Overtime will not be played to determine a winner after the first match, and will only be played after the second 90-minute match if the aggregate score is tied.
The Timbers have played Charlotte once this year, the game ending 3 - 3 at PGE Park, Mark Baena scoring twice and Gavin Wilkinson once. The winners of this first round match up will face the Hershey Wildcats in the quarter-finals.

posted by the timberlog at 10:35 PM

Timbers Make Playoffs: Patriots 1 - 3 Timbers

The Timbers made the playoffs, beating El Paso 3 - 1 with 2 first half goals from Scott Benedetti and 1 from Mark Baena in the second. The Patriots got a consolation goal from a penalty rebound and the Timbers 2-goal hero Scott Benedetti got a red card late in the game. The Timbers jumped over Atlanta in the playoff race and finished in 10th place and will play Charlotte (7th place) in the first round.

The Timbers had a great first half in El Paso scoring on 16' after Scott Benedetti put away a Keith Costigan cross to make the score 1 - 0. The Patriots Roland hit the bar on 21' and after Mark Beana picked up his second yellow card in 2 games the Timbers struck again. Greg Howes set up Scott Benedetti for his second of the match (and season). 2 - 0 TIMBERS! It was all Timbers at this stage with Jeff Clarke heading off the crossbar from a corner on 32' and Michael O'Neill having his shot saved on 35'. The Patriots put together a period of pressure as half time approached, Griego heading past Napoleon on 36', but from an offside position. Napoleon making a good save from Juarez on 41' and then 2 saves from Cabrera as the half came to an end with the Timbers leading 2 - 0.

The second half began with Matt Chulis picking up a yellow card and the Timbers attack not firing as well as it had in the first. The Patriots came close on 68' as McFarlane's shot from a corner was headed off the line by Jeff Clarke and then on 70' Mark Baena made it 3 - 0 and assured the Timbers of a playoff place. Neil Ryan and Jesus Ochoa replaced Matt Chulis and Jeff Clarke and the Patriots Macias put in the rebound, after Griego's penalty on 76' was saved by Napoleon, to make it 3 - 1. With the Timbers bringing on McPeak, Sawatzky and Tolstolutsky, Scott Benedetti received a red card for a challenge on Martinez (who also got a red) and the game finished with the Timbers making the A-League playoffs in their inaugural year.

posted by the timberlog at 7:29 PM

Flash corners Timbers for sixth straight victory
San Diego Beats Portland in the Season Finale

posted by the timberlog at 1:39 PM

Friday, September 07, 2001

Timbers’ playoff hopes hinge on difficult road trip
USLSoccer.com report including the timberlog favorite and, by now legendary, Bobby Howe comment "We’re still masters of our own destiny"!! YES!! Also the almost spooky mention about Jeff Clarke being near a suspension....which he got...if tonight's radio report was correct...which is doubtful!!!

Update: According to official USLSoccer match report the yellows were for: Chulis, Sancho, Ochoa, Howes and Baena...but no mention of Howes ejection!!! At least no suspension for Jeff Clarke.

posted by the timberlog at 11:38 PM

Timbers playoff hopes take a (mini) fall: Portland Timbers 1 - 2 San Diego Flash

Well luckily Seattle lost 1 - 2 in Vancouver tonight so the Sounders will need 5 points tomorrow in the return match and the Timbers would have to lose in El Paso (and not get a bonus point) for the Timbers not to get a playoff spot. A win or a draw for the Timbers and we get a playoff place. A bit of confusion about the yellow cards tonight (Sancho being called for 2 on the radio report), more on that when the official USL report is up.

Bobby Howe started Jesus Ochoa and Darin Lewis in place of suspended Brian Winters and Michael O'Neill as the Timbers looked to continue their fine run in search of a playoff place. The first-half began with no team dominant, Baena shooting at keeper Hall on 9' and Lewis shooting wide a minute later. The Flash stepped up a gear on 18' winning a couple of corners in quick succession, Napoleon saving twice from Adair. Brent Sancho picked up a yellow on 23' for a foul on Calderson, which means that Brent is facing a 2-game suspension for reaching 33 points. A minute later Martins' shot went off the Timbers post and on 25' the Timbers won a penalty. Greg Howes stepped up, but hit the shot over Hall and more importantly over the bar! The Flash now gained the upper hand and had the majority of possession, but with Baena picking up a yellow on 29' and Napoleon saving from Hetherington on 43', the half-time whistle came and the teams went in 0 - 0.

The second-half started with the Flash continuing their pressure and Jeff Clarke getting a yellow card (another 1-game suspension!!). Chugger Adair shot wide on 50' and Napoleon had to come out to claim the ball with Martins through on 54'. Then as the Timbers put together a forward move of their own Greg Howes received a red card on 58' for what sounded like a high kick on Calderson. Down to 10-men the Timbers seemed to be shocked into action and from their next attack the Timbers were awarded another penalty for presumably handball. Gavin Wilkinson put the kick past Hall to put the Timbers 1 - 0 up!! TIMBERS! The Timbers kept up the pressure, Baena and Chulis having shots blocked on 61' and then substitute Livett's shot was saved by Napoleon on 63'. Jeff Clarke picked up a knock on 71' after a clash with Adair and on 78' Benedetti split 2 defenders to get a shot off, straight at Hall. Napoleon saved at the feet of Adair and with the Flash again pushing forward, Chugger Adair put in a corner from Calderson on 80' to level the scores 1 - 1. With the game getting more physical, a scuffle ending with a couple of yellows (unidentified) and Tolstolutsky and Sawatzky replacing Lewis and Baena, the Flash took the lead on 86' after another corner kick, aimed at Adair, was put in by Alcarez, 2 - 1. 4 minutes of injury time were not enough for the Timbers and the game ended with the Flash winning 2 - 1.

posted by the timberlog at 8:26 PM

Meeja Watch
Timbers' boiling point also their turning point
Two wins would simplify playoff picture
Portland Timbers Playoff Scenarios

posted by the timberlog at 10:42 AM

Thursday, September 06, 2001

Where Are They Now? - Peter Withe

Former (OPT-Original Portland Timber) Peter Withe is now coach of Thailand's National team and is trying to guide them to the 2002 World Cup Finals. Currently the Thais are down, at the foot of the second round table (drawing against Bahrain 1 - 1 today), but not out. Peter took over in Oct 1998 after the Thailand team became a national disgrace after being involved in a game where both sides wanted to lose rather than face the soccer powerhouse nation of...Vietnam! Peter turned the side around and became a national hero into the bargain.

posted by the timberlog at 7:08 PM

Suspensions Update
In addition to Michael O'Neill missing the San Diego game on Friday (as previously reported) the Timbers will be without Brian Winters, both players passing the 21 point mark for a 1-game/$100 suspension/fine.

posted by the timberlog at 11:03 AM

Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Playoff Update - based on how many points the Timbers (57 pts) pick up in their remaining 2 games.
[remember the key games are Seattle's (52 pts) two games against Vancouver and Atlanta (59 pts) at Charlotte (61 pts)]

No more points, Timbers finish on 57.
The Timbers can only qualify if Seattle don’t pass 57 points (57 points and they will beat us on the total wins tie breaker) therefore Seattle can get a 4 point win or 2 2-point draws, but nothing more.

1 more point, Timbers finish on 58.
The Timbers can only qualify if Seattle don’t pass 58 points (equal on 58 and they will again beat us on the total wins tie breaker). Therefore Seattle can get a 5 point win or a 4 point win and a 1–point draw but nothing more.

2 more points (2 draws or a 2 point draw) giving us 59 points.
The Timbers cannot pass Atlanta (who would beat us on the total wins tie-breaker) therefore again Seattle would have to get 58 points or less. Therefore if they get 6 points, a 5 point win and a draw for example, they would beat out the Timbers.

3 points ending on 60 points.
Either Atlanta must lose their last game against Charlotte or Seattle get less than 60 points. For example, if Seattle get 2, 4-point wins the Timbers would lose out.

4 points (including a win).
The Timbers would have 61 points. If Seattle get less than 9 points (must get at least a 4-point and a 5-point win) the Timbers get a playoff place. If Seattle did get 61+ points then if Atlanta beat Charlotte then we would be in a tie breaker with Charlotte (on goal diff). If Charlotte beat Atlanta then Timbers will get a playoff place.

5 points or more.
Timbers on 62. Timbers will get a playoff place because Charlotte and Atlanta cannot both get 62 points.

Timbers on 63. Playoff place, couldn't be caught by Seattle.

Timbers on 65 (2 4-point wins). 2nd place, take automatic top 3 playoff place.

In esssence, if Seattle fail to win in Vancouver on Friday then the Timbers just need to win at San Diego to get a playoff place. If the Timbers season does go to Saturday then we will have the advantage in going into the El Paso game knowing the results of Vancouver v Seattle and Atlanta v Charlotte (the Timbers game starts 2 hours later)

posted by the timberlog at 10:16 PM

Playoff Update
Tonight's results not exactly helpful to the Timbers!!
Charleston 0 - 1 Atlanta
Vancouver 1 - 2 Milwaukee

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Tuesday, September 04, 2001

O'Neill and Howes in A-League Team of the Week
Both Michael and Greg made the A-League team of the week (week 22) for their performance in the 5 - 2 win over Milwaukee. They are joined by 2 players from the Timbers next opponents San Diego, Thiago Martins and Ryan Lee.

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Monday, September 03, 2001

Congratulations (although through clenched teeth!) to the Whitecaps for clinching the Western Conference title today with their 1 - 0 win at Minnesota. That win also puts them (for the time being) at the top of the A-league on goal difference over Richmond and in the #1 playoff spot.

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The timberlog watched the University of Portland Pilots go down 1 - 0 to Stanford this afternoon.
On 21' the game's only goal, a beautiful 25 yd strike from Stanford's Todd Dunivant. Both Roger Levesque and Matt Janusz were impressive for Stanford up front and with support from Matt Moses and Dunivant pushing forward, the visitors easily had the best of the first half. The Pilots' (at times, lone) striker, Brandon Henley, got in a point blank shot straight at Stanford keeper Andrew Terris on 33' from a corner and on 44' Levesque's diving header from the edge of the box from a cross from the right by Aaron Biddle was just wide. Biddle was impressive at right back, but pick of the Stanford defence was tall central player Taylor Graham (timberlog M-of-the-M) who was strong and assured all game. Stanford continued well after the break with Levesque heading wide from Aaron Maines' cross on 62'. The Pilots came more into the game with Nate Jaqua making foreys from midfield, but with little penetration of the Stanford back-four. Stanford's James Travis hit a shot from 15 yds at Pilots keeper Curtis Spiteri on 76' and on 79' the Pilots' Josh Simpson cut nicely inside looking for a shot, but Biddle was there with a good tackle. With Darren Fernandez bringing out another save from Spiteri on 88' after cutting inside Paul Robinson the game ended 1 - 0 to Stanford.

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Sunday, September 02, 2001

Playoff Update
Tomorrow’s games don’t impact the playoffs directly, but watch out for Wednesday’s games. If Atlanta lose at home to Charleston they can only get a max 60 points. If the Timbers beat San Diego they will have (at least) 61 points and will be guaranteed a playoff spot regardless of any Milwaukee and Seattle results .

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Saturday, September 01, 2001

R.I.P - Brian Moore
The voice that was the background to many a Sunday watching the English football league highlights on ITV while I should have been doing my (last minute!) homework. A great commentator, Gillingham fan, song and then fanzine name inspiration ("Brian Moore's head looks uncannily like the London Planetarium")!!

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